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Military Tickets

MommyCon Military Ticket Program 2019

Military discount tickets are for Active Duty Military members, Active Duty Military dependents, and Veterans who would like to utilize our military discount program to attend a MommyCon or DaddyCon event. Through this program they are eligible to receive a complimentary General Admission ticket or a 20% discount on Premium Admission and VIP tickets.  Interested attendees are instructed to email with “[Event Name] – Military Discount” in the subject for information on how to obtain these discounted tickets. 

Program rules:

  • Active duty military members, active duty dependents, and veterans are eligible. Veteran dependents are not eligible.
  • Each adult 17 years of age and older are required to have a ticket. Children 16 and under are free.
  • Military Discount Tickets may be transferred to another ticket holder who also qualifies for the discount.
  • Military Discount Tickets cannot be upgraded.
  • Military Discounts cannot be applied to previously purchased tickets.