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MommyCon - About Us

MommyCon is a nationwide convention series dedicated to creating and nurturing a community of parents and parents-to-be in celebration of natural parenting.

MommyCon takes a gentle and positive approach to educating parents about the emotional and physical benefits of natural birthing, breastfeeding and babywearing. We advocate values of holistic health, eco-friendly diapering, child safety standards and procedures, and female self-care and wellness. Our mission is to create a community of support, acceptance and non-judgement for women journeying through parenthood.

The MommyCon experience comprises a full day of educational panels and workshops plus a product showcase hall of 50+ exhibitors. Parents and children can expect to have every amenity and resource available at their fingertips. There is a Babywearing Lounge with a try-no-need-to-buy philosophy; the Vagina Village with talks on feminine wellness; a Cloth Diaper Resource Center, plus play spaces throughout the event.

MommyCon is a family-run business, founded by entrepreneur Xza Higgins. When she was pregnant with her first child, Xza started a blog collective called the Mommy Dialogues. She organized living room meet-ups and cabin retreats for like-minded moms and moms-to-be. The informal gatherings grew so rapidly that MommyCon was created to fulfill the need of an under served community. Within five years, MommyCon has reached an audience of over 100,000 parents from nearly every state. MommCon has since expanded to being part of the Parent & Co. family of events that includes; DaddyCon, KidCon, Influential Summit and more!

MommyCon has become a champion of natural parenting in the USA – celebrating its historic, cultural and scientific roots. We balance a belief in responsive parenting whilst educating and empowering women about their individual choices.

Join the MommyCon community. Learn, laugh, and connect.

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