MommyCon :: DYPER: Cloth + Diapers

DYPER: Cloth + Diapers

Did you know that not only does DYPER make the softest disposable bamboo diapers out there, but that they have a cloth option, too? Here are 4 things to know about their cloth diapers!


They are comfortable

DYPER’s cloth diapers are designed to be your favorite diaper from the first time you put them on your baby. They’re easily adjustable and have a washable, waterproof outer layer. Their inserts are made with viscose from Bamboo and two inner layers of microfiber to absorb moisture and maintain dryness. This bamboo and microfiber hybrid continues to get softer and more absorbent with every wash. And, did we mention, they’re adorable.

They are flexible

DYPER’s Cloth Plus subscription delivers 12 assorted, all-in-one Bamboo cloth diapers for daily use PLUS quarterly delivery of our disposable diapers for overnight, travel or other purposes. Families can easily adjust deliveries or add Extra Packs when needed. They are available in 3 exclusive super cute designs designs.

They are adjustable

DYPER’s cloth diapers are designed to “grow” with your little one, with easily adjustable fit using strategically located snaps allowing you to effortlessly configure the fit around the waist and legs.

They are thoughtful

DYPER made their cloth diapers with some of the most responsible materials they could find, including viscose from Bamboo fibers that feel soft to the touch, yet provide the technical benefits needed for this awesome garment.

So, whether you prefer disposable diapers or cloth, DYPER has the right bamboo bum option for you!