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5 Things My Mother Never Told Me

After becoming a mother, you start to realize things that your own mother never told you about before. Motherhood comes in all different shapes and sizes but now we know. Our moms definitely didn’t tell us many things. As we grow through our own motherhood, we tend to want to say “I’m sorry” to our own moms every day! Here are 5 things my mother never told me.


Your baby will be just like you.

To start, when you hear people say that karma will come in the form of your child, it is completely accurate. Being a difficult child for your family is about to make its appearance in your everyday life starting at a young age! Luckily, you turned out okay but your kiddo is about to give you a run for your money. Of course, our mother’s never told us this to be true with our grandmothers. They could have at least prepared us so we knew what we were getting into.



Marriage is not all rainbows and butterflies.

Another thing our mother most likely did not tell us is that marriage is not all rainbows and butterflies. They especially forgot to mention that after having a child, not only do you have to work at being a mom, but you have to work at being a couple again. Being a couple before baby and after baby is completely different. Why didn’t she tell us these things? It’s not really fun to find it out on our own! This could have been a fair warning.

She was very tired.

Everyone thinks that being tired ends after the baby starts sleeping through the night. But no one mentioned that you are tired all the time from being a mom. You aren’t tired from not sleeping. Being tired comes from dealing with problem after problem to solve each and every issue for your child, no matter the age. Sometimes you are dealing with your child, your husband and everything else in life, and you are tired. Who knew adulting could be so tiring? Working moms can add the stress of their jobs into the mix as well.

There was no end game after counting to 5.

What is it about counting to 5 do moms think is going to happen? Do we think they are going to listen better? That usually doesn’t happen. What our moms didn’t tell us was that they didn’t know what they were going to do after counting to 5 either! They were making it up as they went. How often can you relate to this feeling now being a mother yourself? Unfortunately being a mom doesn’t come with a manual, and we have to figure it out on our own. Sometimes we can handle the accountability and sometimes we can’t.

Hide your snacks because you will have to share.

Finally, one last thing that my mother never told me was that I was going to have to hide my snacks! Never again was I going to be able to enjoy a piece of chocolate without having to share that chocolate with one of my children. She didn’t tell me that when the last chocolate cookie was left, it definitely wasn’t going to be mine! Even though you buy the candy or chips, you are sharing them. So the last piece of advice that should have been passed along was hiding your snacks.


Final thoughts

In the end, there really is no way to prepare for being a mom. Our friends and family can prepare us and tell us stories, but not until we experience it on our own will we actually get it. Although it would be much better if we knew the truth about a lot of situations beforehand, it is hard to say how we would handle it prior to baby. Good luck mamas! You are not alone.




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