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DIY Baby Carrier Costume

It’s October and that means Halloween is right around the corner! But what do you do when your little one is too small to walk around a trick-or-treat by themselves? Make a babywearing costume, of course! Here are a few cute babywearing costume ideas to get you started!

The Little Mermaid: Ariel & Flounder

You can dress yourself up with a red wig and mermaid outfit. The baby carrier can be covered in a yellow t-shirt with blue stripes. The stripes shouldn’t matter how it’s shaped. Blue sweater for baby to be cozy in the chilly even when out trick or treating. At last, put a blue hat on baby if you do not want to dye the hair. Or you can make a fish dorsal fin out cardboard and tape it in Flounder’s colors.

But if you are a parent who is super busy and no time to make a baby costume. You can purchase a Flounder costume online. Instead of dressing baby up with the Flounder costume. You dress up the baby carrier. And warm blue outfit on your baby. It’s that easy!

Click on the link here to get an idea of how the costume would look.

DIY Little Mermaid and Flounder Costumes

Anything is possible!

Frozen: Anna & Elsa

Another idea is to dress you and your little one up as Anna and Elsa from Frozen. For baby, put a toddler size Disney dress over the baby carrier- not the baby. You can find the Anna dress from this link and the Elsa dress from this linkThe dress is to be facing out in with baby forward-facing in the carrier. If baby does not like facing out, you can switch the dress facing in on the carrier. Dress baby warm with colors that will look good with the costume.

It’s that simple to dress a baby in the carrier for Halloween.

Little Red Riding Hood & The Sweetest Wolf

You can find a red hooded dress for yourself on and dress baby in a comfy and warm gray outfit. has an outfit that is perfect for Halloween night when the weather is cold. Attach a piece of fur fabric to your baby’s back that you could find at your local Walmart fabric section. Be sure to measure your carrier’s middle part where your child’s back is against when in the carrier. Save a piece for the wolf ears headband. Cut and glue those pieces onto a headband,  you can find cheap ones at a dollar tree or 99 cents store.

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Baby Presidential Debate Team Costume


This DIY costume is so popular that it always wins at Halloween Costume Contests, at parties & on social media. Click on this link to find out how to make it. Baby can be any presidents. Super easy and fun to make.

There are so many ideas on making any Halloween costumes.

Pick a character and find any clothes that would match with the colors. Check toddler’s size costume to fit onto baby carriers. Or a pet costume if you need a smaller size.

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