MommyCon :: Easy DIY Fall Home Décor Crafts For You and Your Kids

Easy DIY Fall Home Décor Crafts For You and Your Kids

The cool breeze and falling leaves spell the start of autumn. Did we hear you say, “Halloween?” Indeed, it has come! There is no better way to greet this new season than to dress up your home with home décor crafts. It’s even better when you decorate your humble abode with your kids. So why not make home decorating for autumn more fun for you and your family with easy-to-do crafting ideas from fall home décor trends this 2019

These autumn-themed décor ideas don’t require any special tools or skills. You’d find yourself crafting them in the nick of time even if you tag yourself as not creative at all. In fact, I use this to customize my condo interior design (my design guide!) for my kids to love. So let’s get started!

Fall Luminaries Using Mason Jars

One fall home décor that has to make it to your list is the mason jar fall luminaries. You and your kids will enjoy making them since they are easy to make. You will need mason jars, leaves, glue, a paintbrush, and a candle. 

You may start by painting the jars with glue and placing the leaves on it. Then layer the topcoat with glue. Isn’t it easy? What’s great about these fall luminaries is that they are beautiful to look at as home décor for fall with or without the lighted candles.

Wreath Made of Flint Corn Husks

Did you know that dried flint corns also give that perfect fall décor feel? They all come in the perfect brown, orange, yellow, and red colors suitable to add to your home’s fall theme. To make a corn husk wreath, you will only need 20 flint corns with half of their husks removed. Make sure they are all dried up, then lay them out in a circle with the tops sticking out in alternating colors. Then get a craft ring and hot-glue the corn on it. You can then fill up the spaces in-between with additional husks. 

Giving your home a makeover this fall with these crafting ideas won’t require so much of your time and money. Though you will still need to get to the store to buy some of the crafting materials, all of them are reusable, helping you save more in the next couple of years on decorations. On a more sentimental side, this will be a great opportunity for you to spend more time with your kids and give them something to look forward to every year aside from Christmas and New Year. Who knows, it can be your child who’ll give you the best fall home décor ideas next time. Nothing will make you more proud than that when you give your guests a home tour.

Leaf Silhouette Framed Art

Are you in for a painting session with your kids? If yes, this leaf silhouette framed art is a must-try. For this craft, you will only need bottles of paint that have the fall colors. Add some drops of paint on a piece of craft paper then spread it with a hard piece of flat item in one direction. You can ask your child to spread the paint using his/her fingers to make the activity more fun. 

For the maple leaf pattern, find one on the internet, print it on another craft paper, then cut it. Keep the cutout for future use and then place the craft paper with the maple leaf design on top of the painted craft paper. Anything that you can cut can be used for the inner design such as yarns, glitter paper, Washi tape, tissue paper, magazine strips, etc. Once done, you can have it framed and voila! You now have your personalized framed DIY fall art décor to hang in your living room.

Paper Leaf Wreath for Autumn

This paper leaf wreath activity is inexpensive as you will only need regular glue, glitter glue, distressing ink, a set of scrapbook paper in assorted prints, glitter cardstock, and a paper plate. Look for autumn leaves designs and outline them on the glitter cardstock and scrapbook paper and cut them. Next, smudge the edge of the leaves with distressed ink using a sponge. Then fold the leaves in half except for the ones made of glitter cardstock. Add some glitter glue on the edges of the leaves and when done, cut out the center of the paper plate. 

You will use the rim to attach the leaves. Then bend and arrange the leaves according to your preferred pattern. If you prefer a bigger wreath, you can use a wooden or embroidery hoop to glue the leaves on.

Pumpkins with Melted Crayons

This design is a total eye-catcher, plus your kids will have a fantastic time doing this fall décor at home. To create this masterpiece, you will need a real white or orange pumpkin. Gather some crayons, peel off their labels, cut them into half, and place them on top of the pumpkin using tacky glue. 

Then, take out your blow dryer and using it, blow the crayons not too hard but just enough to melt them slowly. The outcome is a superb combination of lovely colors, which are truly a work of art. You can display these now-vibrant pumpkins on your shelves or as centerpieces in time for a   fall home tour

Fall Paper Pumpkins

Fall paper pumpkins are a great living room décor which your kids will surely enjoy creating. They are easy to make and you will only need a paper cutter, sets of different patterned or colored paper, double-sided tape, hot glue and a glue gun, sticks, and twine. First, cut the paper vertically into strips measuring 1.5 inches in diameter. Then, cut one strip measuring 7 inches, two strips at 9 inches and another two at 11 inches. You will need two sets of these for every pumpkin. 

Next, fold each strip using an accordion pattern, and tape strips with the same length together using a double-sided tape until it forms a circle. To create the medallion, flip the rim of the circle towards the center and seal it with hot glue. Stack the sets starting with medallions that are 7 inches, followed by 9, 11, 11, and 9 inches, respectively. To finish the look,  glue paper leaves, stick, and twine on top of the paper pumpkin. You can place several of them in a bowl as a centerpiece for your tables. Check this home décor on YouTube for the complete instructions

Toilet Paper-Turned-Pumpkins

If you’re looking for fall décor to spice up your bathroom, these DIY toilet paper pumpkins are a great idea to add to your collection. This is very easy to do and very inexpensive, too. All you need are a roll of toilet paper, ¼ yard fabric, plastic bags, scissors, and a stick. Start by spreading out the fabric on the table, then get the roll of toilet paper. 

Wrap it with several plastic bags to make it look plumper, tucking on one end of the roll. Once you get your desired size, tuck the fabric to the same end of the roll. Then insert the stick and you now have your customized toilet paper pumpkin. Another great this about this is that you can store these fabrics and sticks and use them again. 

Fall Window Suncatchers

Don’t leave your windows bare when you have a fall theme makeover. Why not adorn them with fall window suncatchers for a change? You can achieve this design by using white round coffee filters, liquid watercolors or food dye, and a paintbrush or eyedropper. First, cut out a maple leaf pattern on the coffee filter. Then make it exciting for your kids by letting them splash colors on it using food dye or liquid watercolors. 

When done, let them dry in a plastic sheet so the filters won’t lose so much of the color while drying up. Once totally dry, tape the fall leaves on your windows and wait for those colorful rays of sun coming through your fall window suncatchers. You can also try other fall home décor signs to put on your walls and doors.

Pumpkin vase

How about turning pumpkins to vases at home for fall decor? Yes, you absolutely can and you can make them as classical and as sophisticated with gold or silver paint. Carve a deep hole on top of the pumpkin, remove the pulp and seeds, and slide a plastic cup inside. You can now place those freshly picked blooms from your garden and enjoy that medley of bright colors inside your living room. They will go as perfect centerpieces for your dining and living rooms. You can check out the tutorials for this décor on Youtube if you want to add other variations to the design.