MommyCon :: Why I Made the Switch to DYPER

Why I Made the Switch to DYPER

Hey moms! This year I went to MommyCon as a new mother of a three-month-old baby girl. I had high expectations for learning about babywearing, baby-led weaning, and disciplining with dignity. I was also super excited to do a little shopping.

While we were exploring all the booths my baby needed a new diaper. I headed over to the diaper changing station (which was awesome) and proceed to pull out my Honest diaper and wipes. I really tried hard to get the best for my baby. But being a new mom working full time, I didn’t have the time to do all the research into every product we would use for my little one.

I noticed that the diaper changing station was presented by DYPER. I saw a basket filled with different sized diapers and decided to grab one. Wow was I initially blown away by how soft they were. I put one on my babe and was immediately amazed by how well it fit. I thought to myself, okay we will see how this holds up while I’m here.

Well, we didn’t need another change so on my way out I grabbed 3 more to bring home. When I had to go back to my old diapers, I realized how much I loved DYPER and was ready to make the switch. They are so soft, very absorbent, they have that handy ph line, which my husband loves because he has a harder time telling when a diaper needs to be changed. After doing some research we also discovered they are so much better for the planet!

We really wanted to be a cloth diaper household because it really is better for babe and better for the environment, but I have been so nervous to jump on that train as a working mom. DYPER‘s disposable diapers are truly the next best thing being compostable and made from sustainable materials like bamboo. Also, let’s be honest, if I can check one more thing off my to-do list I am a better mother and wife (or at least I feel like I am haha).

I don’t have to think about buying diapers anymore because they are delivered to my door once a month. I love it! We have been DYPER users for 2.5 months now and we could not be happier. Also, she has not had a diaper rash once since we switched, which may be a coincidence but I’m pretty sure it’s the moisture-wicking feature of these amazing diapers.

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