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My Birth Story: Preeclampsia

My journey to motherhood started December 3rd, 2017 when my husband and I found out we were finally pregnant. We were over the moon. We knew that having this beautiful baby come into our life was going to be the best thing ever, but little did we know our journey to parenthood was going to have a couple of bumps in the road.

As a first-time mom, being pregnant was an incredible experience. I loved showing off my bump, eating everything in my fridge without anyone saying anything, and seeing my tiny baby’s feet or hands during the ultrasounds. Surprisingly my first trimester was not that bad! I had some nausea here and there, but nothing crazy thankfully. I was more of the “pregnant woman who looked everything up before I did, ate, or touched something” to make sure it was okay for baby and I. I am new at this what can I say! I was so pumped and ready to go for my second trimester and to find out the gender, or so I thought.

My second trimester came around and we finally found out, with fireworks, that we were having a baby boy! Everyone was so excited, tears of joy everywhere! We all couldn’t wait! All my friends told me that this was going to be the easiest part of the pregnancy journey, but they were wrong. At least for me, it was a little difficult. In my second trimester, I started to get some really bad pain in my pelvic area. It turns out, our baby boy was so big that my pelvic started to separate early. My doctor told me it is such a common thing and needs to be taken seriously because you will need to do therapy so the birth is easier for the baby. Not only did I have an issue with my pelvis, but I also had gestational diabetes. Which was not fun because what pregnant person wants to be on a diet? Thankfully google and social media were very helpful in finding recipes because a lot of first-time mommies were going through the same issue as me.

Finally, it was my third trimester! I was so excited that in a couple of weeks I was going to be meeting our baby boy. At this point of the pregnancy, I was getting a lot of Braxton Hicks which are false contractions however I did have a healthy baby boy every time we checked up on him on the ultrasound which is what kept me going every day. Going into 36 weeks, my false contractions were much stronger and closer together. July 25th came around and my contractions were so strong and painful to me that we ended up going to the hospital to make sure I wasn’t in labor. The doctors said I wasn’t in labor just yet and that since I was not used to the pain, it may feel like contractions.

The next day my chest was feeling very tight, and hurting really badly. I had an extreme headache, my skin was flushed, and my breathing was hard. I knew I was in labor. I rushed to my ob-gyn first, just in case. When the nurse took my blood pressure, she said it was extremely high and super dangerous for baby and myself. My ob-gyn came in and RUSHED me to the hospital because everyone was scarred with a BP of 180/99.

When I was admitted to the hospital my ob-gyn knew right away I was in labor with Preeclampsia. Preeclampsia is when you are pregnant and have high blood pressure which can endanger you or your baby because you can have a seizure any minute. I was taken upstairs to a room and right away. I had 5 nurses waiting to wrap my bed and to stick me with any medicine possible to get my BP down before something happen to myself or, more importantly, our baby boy. I was crying in shock that this was happening to me. I was so scared because all I wanted was my baby to be ok. Thankfully my OB came in, she saw my BP had lowered and told me it is time to take the baby out and meet my miracle. I was so nervous yet so excited to finally met him after 9 long months. After 14 hrs of crazy labor, we finally met our baby boy who was 6 pounds and 14 ounces. It was all so worth it to finally be kissing and hugging our miracle.

So after everything we went through, we were again hit with another obstacle as first-time parents. Our baby, Ben, had jaundice. We were so heartbroken that we could not take our baby boy home after 2 days in the hospital. It was such a battle and he was such a strong baby getting pinched twice a day, being under the light, and us having to leave him even though we tried to stay 18 hrs a day to be with him. After 4 days, we were finally able to take him home on a blanket, and after a week on a blanket, he was a perfect, handsome, lovable, smiling baby.

Every pregnancy story is different, and everyone has there own journey, but always remember it is going to be ok. I literally said that a million times to myself because I knew even with all the ups and downs, that there is a light at the end of this crazy tunnel and it is going to be all worth it. I wouldn’t trade my pregnancy for the world. It was so emotional, and beautiful that now I have a beautiful human I love every single day more and more. I hope my motherhood journey inspires all of you amazing women because we are amazing creatures who make and create the best thing. My pregnancy journey was crazy yet I am loving every minute of it now just like I did before.


My name is Melanie Quintero. I am a full-time mommy and have a full-time job. But my favorite is being a full-time mommy to my handsome son, Benjamin. I am a mommy entrepreneur trying to build my business up. My biggest motivation is my son. When raising my son, I always learn something new every day. He teaches me how to be better and work on myself while taking care of him every day as well. I love being a mom and I would never change it for the world. @makeupbycurls