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My Kabrita Story

Breastfeeding was our First Choice

I had breastfed both my other children until over the age of one. Breastfeeding was easy for me, aside from a case of mastitis with each of my children, I never had issues with supply or food sensitivities with my first two children. With Carmine, supply wasn’t a problem either.

What was the problem was his terrible eczema and cradle cap. I had tried everything! Soaps, baths, treatments, I even went as far as having salves and creams custom made, to solve his dry itchy skin and scaly scalp.

The doctor suggested I stop eating gluten, and dairy. I tried to cut them both, even one at a time. However, this wasn’t working. I was losing tons of weight with the diet restrictions. So that wasn’t an option with us. I also suffer postpartum with ‘orthorexia’ which is an eating disorder which causes me to over control my foods. Trying to cut off such a large amount of foods which made up most of my diet became too dangerous.

Trying Formula

We first started Carmine on an organic cow’s milk formula available at the grocery store. That didn’t help us at all. Everything was the same (it was still cow’s milk, so we weren’t surprised). As I did more research I also learned that lactose intolerance is uncommon under 2-3 years of age. What is usually the issue with babies and dairy, is the protein in cow milk, which can be quite difficult to digest for many babies.

With a recommendation of our doctor, we tried a goat’s milk formula. The goat’s milk helped quite a bit with the eczema, though he still suffered from the dry itchy skin. The goat’s milk meant his cradle cap wasn’t as bad, and he wasn’t constantly shedding layers of skin. Or scratching himself till he bled. He had some relief and that was a wonderful thing! The formula was expensive and had to be shipped to us which created a whole different level of stress (trying to stay calm when the FedEx company tells you they ‘misplaced’ over $200 of formula… not easy).

Why did Goat’s Milk Formula improve Carmine’s skin?

We later found out through a naturopath that Carmine had a candida overgrowth. The candida flaring up was what caused him to have severe eczema. Because the goat milk formula has less sugar than regular formula, it wasn’t ‘feeding’ the candida yeast in his stomach, as well as the cow’s milk formula, had been. Which is why we saw such an improvement.

Finding Kabrita

I was at Mommycon NYC in 2019 when I was first introduced to Kabrita by a rep there. She had a sample for Carmine to try and he LOVED it! I recognized the can of Kabrita instantly as a friend of mine locally had been using the same brand.

When we returned home I asked my friend where she got hers and she told me she purchases it a local health food market (also on Amazon). This was a game changer for us! To be able to find a goat’s milk formula locally was huge! Gone were the days of scrambling to find someone with a box locally because we ran out and the delivery service hadn’t gotten it to us on time.

I started supplementing Carmine with the Kabrita until he was a year old and now we have completely switched over. I love that I can buy it locally and support my local economy, but I’m also really excited that I can get it online. I have turned many of my new mom friends onto Goat’s Milk Formula from sharing what I’ve learned. I truly think Kabrita is an amazing product and I’m very grateful to have found it!

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Mallory O’Connor