MommyCon :: 10 Places I Nursed My Newborn

10 Places I Nursed My Newborn


In an effort to normalize breastfeeding, I have pulled the highlights of places we nursed over the first six weeks of my son’s life…

A Local Vietnamese Restaurant

Mama has gotta eat and mama likes satay chicken and crab rangoon.

My Couch

A staple location. In the background you can often find re-run episodes of Chopped, any HGTV show, or any of the eight Fast & Furious movies playing on repeat.

My Grandma’s/Mom’s/Aunt’s House

Baby needs to eat at family meals too!

Breastfeeding Group

One of our local hospitals offers a breastfeeding support group on Wednesday’s. You can do a weighed feeding and see how much your little one is eating as they grow and get their weight, too! It’s great to have a community of people going through the same thing as you. Having a place where you can feel like a real human and other moms 100% understand the ins and outs of your life with a newborn does amazing things for your mental health, especially in those early weeks.

Bouncing Between Rooms at the ER

Yes, that was a long night. Nothing like taking your newborn to the emergency room and getting a lot of weird looks as you literally go back and forth between rooms while breastfeeding at 2:00 AM. Papa Nicol and my mom happened to both have crises going on simultaneously. Everyone is fine. No worries. Little Nicol slept most of the night but when he needed to eat, he needed to eat! He did get lots of compliments on his wonderful behavior and sleeping!

The Bed

Another staple location. Let’s be honest. Who wants to get out of bed? No one. Whether it’s the first feeding of the day or the last or it’s 3:00 AM, in the bed is so much better than out of it.

Our Local Coffee Shop

This was actually our first public breastfeeding experience! We met our sweet doula for our postpartum visit at this wonderful local coffee shop and the little guy was hungry. He was a champ and made it pretty easy on me as I snacked on the biggest brownie ever (a nice perk)!

The Back Seat of My Car

More times than I like to count. Sometimes it’s just so much easier to sit in the car and feed him than try and do it moving around. Or he’s just too fussy to wait until we get home. Or for whatever reason I just have to feed him in the car. I’ve developed the perfect way to sit so my leg helps me hold him up. It takes skill and I have that skill *hair flip* This one should count as like 10 places in itself. The parking lots of Kohl’s, the park, a brewery, Best Buy, a pumpkin patch (yes, a pumpkin patch), the university nearby…I could go on but I’ll spare you. This is by far the loneliest place to nurse unless Papa Nicol is there too.

A Local Park

In an effort to get out of the house at least once a day, sometimes our schedule doesn’t match up and Little Nicol is hungry when we go for a walk. Southwind Park is one of my favorite places to go for a walk because of the little pond, the treehouse, and the music playing through the sculptural structures they have. On particularly sunny days, we like to sit under the tree house in the shade while nursing.

A Wedding Reception

This was the first time I used a nursing cover. Usually I use the two shirt method which leaves very little exposed but I was in a dress so that wasn’t going to work. This was also the day I realized the nursing cover I had was literally useless as a cover and definitely just a scarf. I picked up a new one and will try it out soon.

I haven’t had any awkward interactions in public while nursing, thankfully. I know what the laws of Illinois allow and will be more than happy to spout off the legislation that allows for public breastfeeding if anyone chooses to poke the bear and say something. In the meantime, I will happily continue to feed Little Nicol wherever and whenever my sweet boy needs to eat, be it at home on the couch or out and about.

Where have you fed your little one? I’d love to hear all your nursing adventures! Are you an EP mom? Share your pumping stories, too! I love to hear them all!

Happy feeding, mamas!




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