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Father's Day DIY Craft

Have you ever stopped to think about the origins of Father’s Day?

In 1910 the daughter of an American veteran. Sonara Dodd led the efforts for her father to be recognized after a mother’s day sermon in church.

She felt that her father needed to be recognized too cause he took care of six children after her mother passed away while giving birth to their 6th child.

The movement gained momentum in 1924.

Finally, in 1972 president Nixon signed it into the law and became recognized as a public holiday.

Father’s day is just around the corner. Have you got something yet?

Here is a fun and easy activity to do with kids of all ages!


Materials Needed



A4 colored paper
Paper punch

Step One



Fold your paper into four parts. Cut off one to have three folds.

Step Two



Cut the left and right bottom and glue to the center.

Step Three



Punch four holes at the bottom.

Step Four



Cut a triangle and glue to the top.

Step Five



Glue two small triangles to the side.

Step Six



Cut two circle and glue for windows.

Step Seven



Loop strings of yarn through each hole and add your message inside “Dad love you to the moon and back.”


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