MommyCon :: Self-Love is for Everyone

Self-Love is for Everyone

Self-care and self-love seem to be buzzwords that get tossed around often, shrugged off or used as a justification for that second venti caramel frap of the day. Self-love and self-care are so much more than indulgence or a trend. It is something we should all be trying to incorporate into our daily lives. It’s imperative to your emotional, physical and mental health that you take care of yourself — especially as a mom.

One big thing that affects us all these days, now more than ever before, is the constant and unfair comparisons we make. Take special care not to compare yourself to others. It’s a very difficult thing to do when you’re constantly scrolling by “perfect mom” social media feeds. Don’t do it. Don’t let these public perceptions get to you and interfere with your own happiness. Comparisons are a ticket to nowhere, do your best to focus inward and on those closest to you.

Many moms feel that “self-love” or “self-care” is indulgent or selfish when in actuality it’s the opposite. If there are people who rely on you and love you, you owe it to yourself (and them) to take good care of yourself. Loving yourself improves three key parts of your well-being, your emotional, mental and physical health. When you are at your happiest, that energy radiates and positively affects those around you. Children are master imitators, so as a bonus, they will learn to take care of themselves by seeing you do so.

Self-care and self-love go hand in hand — self-care is the upkeep that goes along with truly loving yourself. It may be hard at times of stress or doubt to really love yourself but with some practice, it’s easier to weave into your life than you think. Think of self-love as a journey of self-discovery, lessons as well as trial and error. There is no one solution to achieve it as it’s personal but there are steps an tips to take that can aid you in your journey.

In order to start the journey of self-love, you should try to be honest with yourself, vulnerable enough to make self-repairs and empathetic enough to forgive and forget. As stated above, everyone’s journeys are different but the tools listed below in this self-care infographic are a great place to start your self-love practices. Best of luck on your journey!

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