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Snack Ideas for Busy Toddlers and Children on the Go

What is one of your biggest struggles when it comes to parenting? There are plenty of things I struggle with, but my number one challenge as a mom is feeding my family. I have learned something. Little ones are hungry ALL. DAY. LONG!

I actually love to cook and meal prep. I have fun finding healthy options to put on the table, and I enjoy the proud feeling I get when my kiddos eat their broccoli, salmon, and quinoa (usually after a battle of course). But the one thing that drives me nuts is the constant “I’m hungry” in between the three good meals.

Snack cups have become my go-to when it comes to those “I need a snack now” moments. On Sundays when I food prep, a huge part of my prep is portioning out snack options that my kids can grab throughout the week. I keep the snacks in easy to reach places for my preschool and school age guys, and I get them out for my toddler.

Before they have any other snack cups during the day, they have to eat all the contents of the first cup they took. This saves them from eating the chocolate chips and throwing out the nuts. Having a system for my kids’ snacks has eliminated a huge amount of stress each week.

Here are some of our favorite snack cup ideas:

I hope this helps give you some ideas. Just know the next time you hear, “But, I’m so hungry!!!”, you are not alone. I’ll be feeding my kiddos snack number thirty-three for the day too.



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