MommyCon :: MommyCon Charlotte 2019 Recap

MommyCon Charlotte 2019 Recap

We had such a blast at MommyCon Charlotte 2019! It was great seeing first-time attendees and those who have been coming for years. We heard from some amazing speakers, did a little shopping in the exhibitor hall, took a lot of photos at the selfie spot, and had some hands-on experience with carriers, cloth diapers and more!

We had our VIP day on Friday where attendees got to meet with friends old and new, sit in on two great sessions, and win some giveaways. Attendees picked up their gift bags at registration and were so eager to see what they got inside their new Ju-Ju-Be bags! The bags had exciting products from brands like Re-PlayNanobébéBaby Tula, and so much more. It even came with the amazing Cybex Maira carrier! Oh, and have you heard that a Cybex carrier will be in all our 2019 VIP gift bags?!

Just for our VIP ticket holders, we had two fantastic sessions by Naked Panda and MommyCon’s founder, Xza! We talked Onbuhimos, tandem babywearing, breastfeeding, and more.

We started bright and early the next morning with attendees registering and deciding what they would put on their badges. It was so fun seeing all the first time expectant parents finding new brands they love, learning how to babywear for the first time, and making friends with other caregivers.

We even had sessions designed specifically for our new parents. From learning the basics of cloth diapering and babywearing to the ins and outs of car seats, our 101 sessions left these new moms and dads with tips and tricks to add to their parenting toolkit.

After parents sat in on these sessions, they could head down to the exhibitor hall to get one-on-one help at our event elements. We had the Cloth Diaper Resource Center and the Babywearing Lounge.

Another one of our favorite event elements is the Vagina Village. There we had our resident period expert sharing her personal experience and expertise with the DivaCup.

Attendees were ready to shop the exhibitor hall and were excited to score some exclusive items from Lil’ Tulips and Smart Bottoms. We enjoyed having companies local to the area participating in the event, including Charlotte’s very own Britax.

When attendees needed to nourish their little ones, they could head to the Feeding and Rest Lounge. This was a quiet and comfortable place for bottle feeding, breastfeeding, and tandem breastfeeding!

We also had some fun giveaways at the end of the day which included prizes such as car seats, strollers, and more!

MommyCon Charlotte 2019 was amazing and we can’t wait to head to MommyCon Portland next month. Will you be joining us in 2019?

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