MommyCon :: Six Simple Ways To Turn A Bath Into A Therapeutic Haven

Six Simple Ways To Turn A Bath Into A Therapeutic Haven

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We’ve all had those days. Events get out of control, friends and coworkers seem edgy, and nothing goes as planned. Now you’re home and exhausted from the turmoil. All you need is some peace and quiet so everything will work itself out.

That’s the time to escape in a calming, hot bath. A soak in steaming water relaxes muscles, lifts your mood and melts away tension, among other things.

Next time you treat yourself in the tub, make the most of it. Follow these simple tips to turn your bath into a therapeutic refuge.

Updo your hair

Protect your crowning glory and put it up high before you draw the water. You’ll get the most from your bath without disturbing your locks, which look perfect already, right?

Get the water temperature right

You know how warm you like your bath better than anyone, so start the water while you prepare the rest of the room. Here’s a safety tip: Try running cold water into the tub first, then raise the temperature with hot. Keep testing the water, swishing it around, and shut it off when the heat is to your liking.

Let the music play

“Alexa, run my Chill playlist.” Whether you like smooth jazz, classical or R & B, choose a handful of tunes that will bliss you out. As some Shakespearean guy said, music hath charms.

Add essential oils

Eight to ten drops of essential oil in the water add more than a pleasant aroma. They provide real health benefits, too. Lavender oil can serve as an antiseptic, and rose may help heal your skin. Experiment with different essences depending on your needs.

Set the mood with low lights

Soft light creates a soothing ambiance to help you drift away, and it’s simple to turn the room into an intimate retreat. Dim the electric lights. Set some flameless tea candles near but not on the tub for greatest safety, and let them work their magic.

Have a soft towel and robe ready

As you rise from the water, take the relaxing sensations with you. A plush terry towel and cozy robe will preserve your calm as you transition from the warm water to the contrasting temperatures of your home.

There’s nothing more to say. Except “Ahhhh…”