MommyCon :: Yes, Staying in a Pure Room Exceeded Expectations

Yes, Staying in a Pure Room Exceeded Expectations

Yes, Staying in a Pure Room Exceeded Expectations

Pure Wellness creates hotel rooms focused on the wellness-minded traveler at hotels across North America.

Have you ever stayed at a hotel and woken up with congestion, a scratchy throat and a super dry feeling to your skin? Frequent travelers know these symptoms far too well. Recirculated air, harsh cleaning agents and dust contribute to a rest environment that is less than ideal.

When Pure Wellness reached out to us to see if showing their rooms to our community was something we would be interested in, our team got really excited. Last weekend we stayed in one of their rooms at the Sofitel Chicago, and with over 3,000 Pure Rooms across North America, there are options in most cities for your family to stay in. At the Sofitel, the entire 20th floor is dedicated to Pure Rooms, meaning all rooms on that level had gone through the proprietary Pure Wellness process.

Booking a Pure Room involves an advanced reservation through the hotel’s website – rates vary for each hotel. While researching, we found most rooms are billed at -a slight premium of approximately $10 per night compared to a standard room, which is incredibly reasonable considering the priceless nature of a great night’s rest.

Check-in at the hotel was simple, and the staff gave a little bit of insight into what to expect during our stay in the Pure Room. The 20th floor is marked with Pure Room placards outside every room giving further reassurance that we were in the right place. The rooms at Sofitel are spacious, and a separate review of their service, amenities and room qualities could be done, but for the purposes of this article, we are going to focus on what made the Pure Room… pure.

What makes a Pure Room, pure? Their  7-step process creates a hypoallergenic room with air purification and allergy friendly bedding.  This process treats every surface in the room and removes air particles, and invisible toxins.

Here are the 7 steps:

  1. One-Time Shock Treatment: After sealing off the space, ozone is emitted into the air to eliminate bacteria, viruses, and germs – as well as they odors the create.
  2. Air Handling Unit Purification: The in-room air handling unit is deep cleaned, disinfected and sanitized.
  3. Sanitize: All soft and hard surfaces in the room are deep cleaned using all-natural plant based Pure Clean.
  4. Pure Shield Barrier: The Pure Shield™ solution forms a bacteriostatic barrier on every surface that prevents allergy-triggering microorganisms from growing.
  5. Air Purification: Medical-grade air purifiers capture 99.99% of all airborne viruses, bacteria, and other ultrafine particles.
  6. Maintain Fresh Air: An antimicrobial tea tree oil cartridge maintains cleanliness, fights bacteria and emits a subtle, fresh scent.
  7. Hypoallergenic: Hypoallergenic mattress protectors, pillow encasements, and water filters are installed, providing unparalleled protection from dust and dust mites.

The air purifier was almost silent and did not disturb us at all, there were a couple points where it was audible, but for the most part, it wasn’t noticeable. The process includes the installation of tea tree cartridges that  positively impact the air quality in the room. The room is noticeably clean smelling, and not in a way that is indicative of cleaning agents. It’s air quality that you can feel, yet is hard to describe.

Hotels typically wash their bedding in harsh chemicals. The little one, Lulu, has eczema that always flares up after a hotel stay and a few days later, I am happy to report that the allergy-friending bedding and did not cause any agitation for her.

Our stay was just for one night, however, the benefits of staying in a Pure Room were noticeable immediately. The best part of the stay was waking up and not experiencing dryness, congestion or skin irritation.

If allergies and wellness have kept you away from a hotel stay, you may want to consider a Pure Room by Pure Wellness. Pure Rooms give wellness-minded travelers an opportunity to stay in an environment that will leave you feeling refreshed. You can read more about Pure Room’s here. If you’d like to find a hotel room, click here.