MommyCon :: Indoor Activities When Weather Isn’t Great

Indoor Activities When Weather Isn't Great

We love the outdoors, but sometimes the weather just isn’t safe enough for us, so we have an adventure filled day inside! Here are just a few of our favorites.

Pretend Play

My kids and I love to pretend that we are paleontologists on a dinosaur adventure. We set up our living room, hallways and the boys’ bedrooms with tunnels, tents, blankets, stuffed animals and of course dinosaurs. We crawl through the pillow abyss to the land of dinosaurs. We’ll watch as they play, run and we get to feed them by hand, but only the herbivores.

Hide N Seek

Peek-a-boo I see you! I’m still not sure if my kids (3 years and 5 years) fully understand the point of hide-n-seek, however hearing a dainty, faint voice pop around the corner saying peek-a-boo I see you is priceless.

DIY Slime

Making slime is always an adventure for us, as most are Pinterest fails. However, the one we found and love is simple to use. If you want to be adventurous add glitter, small foam beads, or water beads to your slime.

What you’ll need:
– 1/2 Cup Elmer’s Glue (we did try off brands as well, but none seemed to work)
– 1 TBSP Contact Solution
– 1/2 TBSP Baking Soda
– 1/2 TBSP Cornstarch
– 2-3 Drops Food Coloring (optional)
– Bowl
– Craft wooden stick/popsicle sticks

– Add Elmer’s glue and baking soda to bowl. Mix until smooth.
– Add food coloring (optional) and any adventurous additives (optional). Mix.
– Add contact solution. Mix.
– Enjoy!


I can’t sing! My kids and hubby also can’t sing, but it doesn’t stop us. I love that karaoke can be done anywhere! For some reason, whatever it may be; I honestly think singing can get you through the good times and the bad. We don’t use a karaoke machine, we just find a song on our phone or the radio and sing a long. If you forget the words and make up your own, your out but we don’t tell our boys that. We constantly make up new rules as we go along. Have fun with it!

Sensory Play

I absolutely love sensory play! I personally love to make my own sensory bins. But you can use anything for sensory play. My oldest loves to do water play. Water play is a great activity for indoors or out. For indoor water play, I will allow my boys to have their own bowl of water and a few small toys. Once they have pruned fingers we clean up and move on to the next sensory play. Snow (weather permitting), shaving cream or cool whip (pending food allergies), messy food play are all fun options but are also all messy. If you want a less messy sensory play, felt books, fidget lap blankets, and weighted blankets are all staples in our house as well.

Building Forts

I love building forts with my boys. I remember while growing up, my siblings and I would pull off all the couch cushions and blankets from our beds to mastermind a fort. We didn’t always have the best luck but we made it work. I love that I can now do this with my kids, however since we don’t have couch cushions that can’t be removed we have a small kiddie tent we keep handy for fort days. I love that the tent is small enough for all of our adventures when traveling room to room on our dinosaur adventures.


I love shopping Target’s dollar spot! I can easily stock up on small crafts for crummy weather days. I honestly have at least one bin or more in each room with coloring books, scrap paper, crayons, and stickers. Our most recent craft includes tissue paper, a foam design with a sticky back, a clear piece of plastic with a stick back, and a string. I was able to find all these supplies inside a Tissue Paper Art Kit from Target for just $1.

Board Games

Candyland, matching games, puzzles, and Pencil Nose are our family favorites! Pencil Nose is the newest addition to our stockpile of games. Pencil Nose is similar to Pictionary however you wear a pair of special glasses that can hold a dry erase marker (looks like a pencil) on the end. While wearing the glasses, pick a card an d draw. It’s not as easy as you think but we died laughing.


Because of my youngest having severe food allergies I’ve learned to love baking even more. I am constantly finding new ways to tweak old recipes. My favorite is Vegan Almond Butter cookies!


I honestly think our house is slowly turning into a library. We love books! If we can’t find a book that either boys want to read we improvise. I’ll pick a book and let my oldest make up his own story line. It’s a book mashup!



Stacey is a full time stay at home mom to two, owner and creator of No Way, Mom! Her oldest, J, is 5 and her youngest, O, is 4. Both of her boys have Autism. J also has a very rare auto-immune disease, Juvenile Polymyositis. O also has Pica and food allergies. She is the proud wife of an amazing, heartwarming professional nerd! During her ‘mom time’ she works on her website, makes weighted blankets, rice relief heat wraps, crochet and makes homemade sugar scrubs. She loves all DIY projects.