MommyCon :: DYPER: Save The Bum, Save The Earth

DYPER: Save The Bum, Save The Earth

This is a sponsored post written by Raffinee for DYPER. DYPER is an amazing company that we absolutely love. We think this article on bamboo diapers is incredibly relevant to our community and we cannot wait to share more content from them.

Before we had children, I loved the idea of doing cloth diapers but when reality set it- I just didn’t have the bandwidth. But with the amount of diapers we were going through, I wanted to find a brand that was more green. Enter DYPER. DYPER is the convince of a disposable diaper without the environmental impact. Conventional diapers take 500 years to breakdown. No, that wasn’t a typo- 500 years! That’s a long time to be sitting in a landfill. DYPER is made out of bamboo and starts breaking down in 80 days. Not only are these diapers environmentally friendly they are so SO soft. Traditional diapers tend to feel a little like crate paper to me, these ones feel more like cloth plus they contain no weird stuff. No dyes. No chlorine. No Phthalates. No perfumes. NADA!

Oh and did I mention they get delivered to your doorstep every month? Which is perfect because as a twin mom you will have plenty of other things to keep you busy! Wait diapers for the entire month? Yep! Based on your babies age and weight they have figured out how many diapers your baby (or babies!) should go through a month so you don’t run out. But life happens and if for some reason you do end up running out, they have an SOS feature that gets diapers to you fast! Like in two hours fast! How this company hasn’t existed before now will forever be a mystery! DYPER is a dream come true! Especially for twin parents!


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