MommyCon :: Create Memories That Will Last A Lifetime With Parabo Photo Book Club

Create Memories That Will Last A Lifetime With Parabo Photo Book Club

This is a sponsored post written by Parabo Press. Parabo Press is an amazing company that we absolutely love. We think this article on creating a photo book is incredibly relevant to our community and we cannot wait to share more content from them.

At Parabo Press, we believe it’s important to celebrate #momentsofjoy, no matter how big or small. As an online photo printing service, we wanted to make that as easy as possible – so we created Parabo Photo Book Club! You can join today and get your first book for just 99 cents.

Parabo Photo Book Club is our brand new photo book service that automatically builds beautiful, custom photo books every time you capture 50 photos. Simply connect your Instagram account and we’ll make books from your ‘grams, or download our Photo Book Club iOS app to pull images directly from any album on your phone!

Photo Book Club makes it easy to print affordable, chic books. You can choose from three size or cover options, and you can mix and match any cover option with any style of book.

You’ll create a beautiful library of photo books over time with volume numbers and date ranges on the spine for easy reference. The sleek design looks great on any shelf.

Only want to print certain photos? Curate as you go! Create a specific hashtag to only print certain photos from Instagram, or “heart” camera roll photos to print right from your Favorites album.

Automatically send books to a second shipping destination for Grandma or other family members to enjoy using Book Club’s Plus One feature.

Joining Photo Book Club is so simple – just sign up, choose the book size you’d like to receive and connect your Instagram account or phone album. As a special intro offer to MommyCon readers, we’re offering you your first 6” book for just 99 cents (and that includes shipping) through March 31, 2019.