MommyCon :: A Day in the Life of a Single Parent

A Day in the Life of a Single Parent

No one imagines themselves as a single parent. We as small children, envision ourselves married with kids, the storybook ending “Happily ever after.” Then, life throws the curve ball and we wake up from our fairytale to realize we are living life as a single parent. As a single parent, all responsibilities fall on you and unless you co-parent well or have a strong family network. Here’s a little peak:

You wake up get yourself ready for work followed by your child(ren) ready for school/daycare.

If you have a independent child like mine the fight on what to wear begins.
Make a quick breakfast (if time allows) then take your child(ren) to school or the bus stop.

After a stressful day at work, pick up your kid(s) from daycare/school and now have to stretch my brain some more with homework while preparing a meal at the same time. (Yes, I still have on my work

Now that the kids are eating I can unwind for 2 seconds enough to make my plate. Did I forget to
mention, now my kids want a second portion and I still didn’t eat.

Serve kids again, microwave my food and gobble it down while having a quick Q & A on how’s your day if they are talking age.

Check homework and make corrections, give a bath (by now my eyes are falling out of my head).

Put kids in the bed, pray they go straight to sleep and stay sleep. If not I’m up 90x & I still have to go to work in the morning. (It’s worst when they’re sick).

Prepare myself for bed only to repeat the process again tomorrow.

Not everyone co-parents well, so for the ones who don’t have the extra help we are the provider,
caretaker, teacher, referee, listener, consoler and the problem solver all in one.

We are the ones who become physically and mentally drain quickly.

We must stay strong at all times for there is no one else to lean on.

Check on us from time to time and offer a lending hand although our first response is “I got this”.


Felicia is a NYC mom of 3 beautiful children and founder of Lovinfeeskids, where she provides parents with family events, resources, information, and product reviews.