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5 Winter Crafts to do with Your Little Ones

During the winter, your family might be stuck inside more often. Finding fun inside activities can help liven up the inside environment. One way to do this is to do crafts. There are many crafts out there for families to do together. Finding winter-related simple crafts for the family can help ease the amount of time spent inside. This article has a few easy winter crafts that you can do with your little ones.


Handprint Penguin


What an easy way to start the winter craft experience. Gather up black construction, cotton balls, googly eyes, orange construction paper, and blue construction paper. You will need glue and/or tape to put this winter craft together. It can take as much time as you like, depending on how much you want in your picture.  Want to see how to construct this? Watch this video.


Hot Cocoa Craft


Another great idea for your winter crafts station is creating hot cocoa mugs and drinking hot cocoa at the same time! All you will need for this craft is construction paper, cotton balls, scissors, and glue. The ribbon is an added bonus, but you can use any type of ribbon as the tie. Drinking hot cocoa while creating winter crafts is the perfect activity for a snow day.


Salt Snowflakes

When winter activities are not an option for snowy days, there are crafts to be made! Salt snowflakes are the perfect activity for families to make together, plus super easy. Salt, glue, watercolors, a paintbrush, and paper are what you need for this activity. Watch this fun video to see how to make it.



Winter Hat Craft


This is the perfect winter craft for moms at home and for teachers in the classroom. You can either print out the hat where kids can color it in and decorate or you can have them draw from scratch. The materials you will need are glue, scissors, cotton balls, coloring materials, and paper. Check out a step by step on how to create this winter hat craft.


Snowman Mason Jar


Lastly, this adorable winter craft for families is something to keep up in your home all winter long. It requires a little more materials than the others, but definitely worth it. Start with getting a mason jar, hot glue gun, white paint, model air-dry clay for the orange nose, cotton balls, fake snow, and more. The creation of this snowman can take a little bit but if you pick the right paint, it dries pretty quickly. To follow the step by step of the making, visit the snowman mason jar winter craft.


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