MommyCon :: Feeding Milestones for Baby: Cup Drinking presented by ezpz

Feeding Milestones for Baby: Cup Drinking presented by ezpz

This is a sponsored post written by ezpz Feeding Specialist, Dawn Winkelmann. ezpz is an amazing company that we absolutely love. We think this article on Cup Drinking Milestones is incredibly relevant to our community and we cannot wait to share more content from them.

Did you know that cup drinking is a developmental milestone for baby? Cup drinking can aid with teething, decrease tooth decay and help babies learn to have a strong swallow. The ezpz Tiny Cup was designed to help baby learn to drink out of an open cup. Here are a few tips on why you should consider introducing the Tiny Cup to your infant or toddler.

Cup Drinking Milestones: Although developmental ages are approximate and vary with each baby, most parents are unaware that feeding milestones even exist. Here is some guidance on the cup-drinking milestone.

Open Cup

Most parents believe they are supposed to transition their baby from breast or bottle to a sippy cup. Unfortunately, this is false feeding advice. Developmentally, a baby should transition from breast/bottle to sips from an open cup held by a parent. An ‘open cup’ is a cup without a lid. You may be thinking about spills and mess, but in the beginning of cup drinking teaching, the parent has full control of the cup.

6 Month Start

Developmentally, at 6 months of age an infant should start to learn to drink from an open cup (held by an adult). This feeding milestone (at such a young age) is mind blowing to some parents! But drinking from an open cup allows baby’s mouth to develop in more mature ways than when bottle or breast-feeding. To iterate; in breast/bottle feeding the nipple positions the milk on the back of the baby’s tongue, then baby swallows it. During open cup drinking, baby has to do all of the work. Baby has to coordinate and move the muscles of the lip, tongue, jaw, cheeks, soft palate and then independently position the milk to the back of the tongue to swallow it. Of course, teaching this skill takes patience, practice and repetition – just like everything else in parenting. But if you start cup drinking at 6 months of age, you will have a 9-12 month old that is a successful and safe cup drinker!


Sometimes I am called into the hospital for newborn feeding therapy. I work with parents of newborns that are struggling with latching and breastfeeding (and do not want to use a bottle). In this therapy I teach them how to safely and temporarily feed from a cup while they wait for breast-feeding help from their International Board-Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC). In addition, I teach international missionaries who go to other countries (where bottles are not available) how to safely teach newborns to cup drink. So, with the proper cup and some parent training, all babies can successfully cup drink!


Check out the rest of the article here. The Tiny Cup comes in the ezpz core color line (coral, blue, lime and grey) and the Nordic collection (blush, sage, pewter) so you can match your cup with your other ezpz products!