MommyCon :: Valentine’s Crafts With Your Little One

Valentine's Crafts With Your Little One

Valentine’s in our house is all about making people smile. We deal with allergies in the family so we usually aim for non-food items. That way everyone can enjoy the goodies, no matter what!

As homeschooler’s, we don’t have classroom parties to prep for, but we DO have dance friends, piano teachers, cousins, and you know… the random folks we come across in our day…

Having kiddos at pretty varying stages of life has its perks, but when craft time rolls around we have to split up to keep the “big” kids interested and still let the little’s be little.

Crayon Melts

This year with the older girls (5 and 9) we’re making crayon melts for those people in our life that “color our world”.

Before you start, preheat your oven to 275*.

We started with our old crayon stash and found light colors and lots of reds, pinks, and purples.

Then we peeled ALL of them. This is where the kids’ expertise in destroying brand new crayons really comes in handy. Make sure there’s no glue or paper residue on them.

Then we broke everything into pieces and I (the grown-up – sort of) used a knife to chop pieces into finer chunks. It’s not *necessary*, but the more color’s you’re able to mix in, the swirlier your melts will be.


Then we used our new valentine’s stamp tray. It’s SUPER important that you use a silicon tray for this because you’ll break your melts trying to remove them from a metal tray. I found this one on sale at Jo-Ann.

Once we filled the tray and the oven was ready, we laid the form on a baking sheet to keep it level and stuck it in the oven for about 12 minutes. Really you just want to make sure that the crayons are completely liquid before you remove your tray from the oven.




Oh the excitement of watching wax melt…

Once you are sure the wax is totally melted, take the tray out and set it up somewhere that little hands can’t reach and let it cool. It should only take about 5-10 minutes. Then comes the fun!

Peel your melts out of their basins and you’ll have beautiful, colorful, non-food gifts to share with the people you love most on Valentine’s Day!


Paper Hearts

With our 2 year old, we’re doing paper crafts. Something I could prep without his help and easy for him to put together before he completely looses attention.

Red Construction Paper, White computer paper, glue, googly eyes, a heart punch – if you have one – and scissors.


Cut your red paper in half, and cut 4 thin strips of your white paper. Nothing has to be perfect. Just make sure it’s not too small so that small hands can manipulate it pretty easily. Fold your red piece in half and cut a heart shape. Then use the scrap and punch out as many tiny hearts as you can.



We used the white strips and folded them into little accordion pieces, picked our two favorite eyes, and four favorite hearts. You can use bigger googly eyes OR draw eyes on your heart and use the googlies as the “pupil” part of the eye… your choice. Glue your eyes on, glue your tiny hearts to the ends of your accordion pieces as “hands and feet” and then attach your accordion arms and legs

And there you have a “Hugging Heart” or as Dude calls it… a Daddy Long Leg… kids are weird! Enjoy <3


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