MommyCon :: 5 DIY Valentine’s Day Cards for School

5 DIY Valentine's Day Cards for School

Valentine’s Day cards for school can go so many different ways. There are store-bought cards and homemade cards. As a teacher, I love to get a little crafty and make our own; once just for my students, but now for my one-year-old son’s classmates as well. I prefer to go the food route with our Valentine’s Day cards because my little guy just adores snacks! Be sure to ask your teacher about any dietary or allergy concerns prior to selecting a snack food. As an adult, I am a fan of not putting names on any Valentine’s. I’m sure my son will one day be against this practice, but for now, “You get what you get, and you don’t get upset!”

If you want more ways to involve your little, feel free to grab some red and pink gems or heart stickers to cover all of the items with! I even thought of having my little guy’s friends and his name written letter by letter on yard sale stickers. Then, he can still work on letter recognition when putting his friend’s names together, but the names will still be legible when it comes time to hand them out!

“Cereal”sly Great Valentines!


This is an oldy, but goodie… My first year teaching second grade I made these for my students. They were so quick and easy to make.

Materials – Individual Size Boxes of Cereal, Red or Pink spoons, Red/Pink Heart Ribbon, Hole Punch, Paper to print out hearts (You can also get red paper to cut and handwrite the message!)

  1. Tape the spoon to the back of the box. I prefer to tape it with the spoon part up to make it obvious what it is sticking out of the back. (This part can even be skipped if the idea of a spoon being exposed to so much air (i.e. germs) really bother you. The design will look equally cute without it.
  2. Then, edit and print the tags from here. Cut the tag out. Punch a hole in the tag to allow the ribbon to go through it.
  3. Wrap and tie the ribbon in a bow around the box. You will want to do another piece of tape or drop of hot glue on the back to keep it from slipping.
  4. Share some smiles. 🙂


Bubbly Valentines

Materials – Small package of bubbles with the wand inside, Curly ribbon, Scissors, Hole Punch, White paper to print on

  1. Print or handwrite a tag that says, “I am Bubble-ing with joy that we are friends! Happy Valentine’s Day! From _______”
  2. Hole punch the tag and string ribbon through the tag.
  3. Curl the ribbon with scissors.
  4. Gift and be merry!


Valentines You Can Squeeze


Materials – Valentine’s themed ribbon, Pouch (apple sauce, baby food, fruit, etc.), Hole Punch

  1. Print or handwrite a label that says, “You’re my main squeeze Valentine! From, _______”
  2. Hole punch the label.
  3. Tie the label around the top of the pouch.
  4. Enjoy.


You can’t pick your boogers, but you can pick your friends!

Materials – Travel packs of boogie wipes or tissues, paper to make a label

  1. Print or handwrite a label that says, “Friends are like boogies, and I’m glad I picked you! Happy Valentine’s Day! From, ______”
  2. Attach the label to the travel pack using tape, hot glue, or ribbon.
  3. Help make the world less-booger-full.


Colorful Valentines


Materials – Small packages of crayons, sticky labels (size depends on the size of the crayon packs!)

  1. Print or handwrite a label that says, “Valentine, you color my world! From, ______”
  2. Attach the label to a package of crayons!
  3. Make the world more colorful! 🙂


Jessica is a blogger for busy moms and teachers at TheTeacherMama. Along with blogging, she is a mom, baton twirling coach, and full-time middle school teacher. Jessica was born and raised in northeastern Pennsylvania. In her spare time, she loves traveling, yoga, the beach, writing, reading books and drinking tea.