MommyCon :: 7 Outdoor Winter Activities for Families

7 Outdoor Winter Activities for Families

Motivation to leave the house in the winter is not easy to come by. But being stuck in the house with the family is not always easy either! As a mom, I know that unless I have somewhere fun to take my daughter during the winter, we will most likely be staying at home. Even when it is cold and wet outside, it is important during these long winter months to get outside. Playing outside in the winter is usually for a very short time, especially with how early it gets dark, and that leaves a whole lot of other downtime. Here is a list of outdoor winter activities that you can do with your family outdoors.

What can you do as a family during these times?


Ice Skating

Find a local ice skating rink and bring the whole family out and pair it with hot chocolate. This is a great outdoor winter activity for families to do together. If it is too cold outside, find an indoor ice skating rink and sign up for free skate or family skate night.


Go To A Sporting Event

Support your local high school, college, and professional sports teams by going to their games! A great time to be bonding with the family cheering for your favorite teams. Football games go until the end of December and there are local hockey games that you can attend too when basketball is over.


Snow Tubing and Sledding

Other great outdoor winter activities are snow tubing and sledding. One snowy day (we know there will be one!) take the family out snow tubing. It can be a great bonding experience. Invest in some snow tubes and a sled and it makes for one fun, snowy day!



Another great activity for families to do outdoors in the winter would be snowmobiling. The exciting thing is that if you don’t own a snowmobile, there are tons of places to rent them from. Visiting a ski lodge with the family can help you find a snowmobiling location as well.


Skiing and Snowboarding

Do a weekend trip to a local ski resort. This way not everyone has to go skiing if they don’t want to, they can stay at the lodge. Taking skiing lessons together is a great outdoor winter activity for the family. Then enjoy some hot chocolate in the lodge afterward!


Whale Watching

Depending on where you live, there are ample opportunities for whale watching. Mainly in the Northeast or Northwest, but they are available. It could also be fun to make a vacation out of going somewhere that has colder weather than your normal vacation spots.



Hiking during the winter is a cold one but beautiful. Grab your snowshoes and snow pants, and take the family for a winter hike. During the winter, in most locations, there are days that are a little warmer than others. Find one of those days by tracking the weather and get your family outdoors. Even working moms need exercise too!



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