MommyCon :: The Best First Foods For Babies

The Best First Foods For Babies

Your baby is showing all of the signs of being ready for solid food. Your baby is sitting up, watching your every fork movement and patiently or not so patiently waiting for it to be his turn.



Some great first foods to start baby off with are carrots, pears, apples, bananas, squash, sweet potatoes, green beans, and avocado. It is best to start with smooth textures and then add more texture by adding baby rice or cereal.



The first foods that you give your baby must be able to be easily digested and unlikely to cause an allergic reaction. It’s great to offer the same food for at least 3 days without adding additional new food. This will make it easier to determine if your baby has a reaction to a new food.



When my first child started solid foods I went to what I knew the baby food brands that I had been hearing about my entire life. It wasn’t until I went to my first MommyCon that I discovered that there were options other than buying what was on the shelf at the commissary or making my baby’s food myself. I discovered Plum Organics, Once upon a Farm, Little Spoon and Pure Spoon.


These brands win hands down for taste alone, but knowing exactly what’s in my baby’s food is what makes these brands even more awesome. They are great for introducing babies to solids and my older kiddos love to snack on the fruit and vegetable pouches. Sometimes I even grab a pouch when I’m nursing or commuting for work. These brands are not only great choices for baby’s first foods because they are tasty, but it takes a load off knowing exactly what your baby is eating.



About the author: Stacie is a military spouse, mom and behavior analyst and shares her journey as a military spouse and autism mom on her blog.