MommyCon :: Favorite Features of the Picniic App

Favorite Features of the Picniic App

Does it seem like you have a never ending pile of “notes” in your phone? One that has all your doctors listed, one to remember when garbage day is and one just for the groceries you can get at Trader Joe’s? It would be so much simpler to have it all in one place. There are some really great organizational apps out there that can help get your life in order. But how do you choose?

One especially nice app is Picniic. It begins by asking you to do a “quick start” that takes about 10 minutes. Here you plug in all the necessary information that you want to keep track of. So it has your essentials like calendars, bills that need to be paid, and there’s even a section on co-parents and extended families. The coolest part has to be that when you are all done, you can easily sync your account with members of your family so you all are on the same page and don’t have to fill out the information more than once!


Once you complete the general information, you will go into the daily life section. These are more of around the house topics like chores, tasks and projects, grocery stores and shopping lists. And if your significant other is always asking you to send them the number for the babysitter, you can just add it here so you never have to text them contact info again!



Another piece that easily gets lost as a business card or just typed on a piece of paper around the house are doctors info. Use the health section to input information regarding your primary care doctors, dentists, eye doctors and so on. It even has a section for the last check-up so you never have to wonder, “when did I last go to the dentist?”



Once you’re done with that section, the quick start is over and you are ready to explore the dashboard. The color-coordination of the dashboard makes it easy to search for the tile you need. The family news section is really neat because you can get updates about your family members without having to send a text.



My favorite feature of the app has to be the recipes tile. Included is the source of the recipe, a picture, ingredients and links to the directions. You can even add the ingredients to your shopping list under the grocery section!



Picniic is clean, simple and keeps up with an ever changing schedule. This app does a great job consolidating several apps into one. With a user-friendly interface and it’s comprehensive nature, this is definitely the app for any family with many moving parts.