MommyCon :: Top 5 Tips For Optimal Prenatal Wellness

Top 5 Tips For Optimal Prenatal Wellness

This is a sponsored post written by Ashanti Rivera for SmartyPants. SmartyPants is an amazing company that we absolutely love. We think this article on prenatal wellness is incredibly relevant to our community and we cannot wait to share more content sponsored by them.


Taking care of yourself is important for everyone, but it becomes especially important when you’re expecting! Your body is working twice as hard as it normally does, and has to provide nourishment for not only you but another tiny human. There are many things you can do to support your wellness during pregnancy, but here are 5 things that I think belong at the top of the list.


Eat A Balanced Diet


In pregnancyyou may experience cravings. Cravings that make you want to eat the worst foods sometimes. That’s totally ok, but make sure in between those crazy cravings that you provide your body with good foods too. Healthy fats for baby’s brain development, fruits and veggies filled with vitamins and fiber to keep you well, and protein to help keep you full and energized. With a balanced diet also comes hydration! Include a glass of water with each meal and even in between. Dehydration is one of the leading causes of false labor. So drink up!


Get Prenatal Care

Proper prenatal care early on in pregnancy can help you to stay well. There are many things that can occur during pregnancy like high blood pressure, gestational diabetes, etc. Regular checkups and testing can help make sure both mom and baby are doing ok.



Take A Prenatal Vitamin



Sometimes in pregnancy, it can be really hard to eat a balanced diet. Especially if you’re dealing with nausea or vomiting. Taking a good prenatal vitamin can help make up for some of the essential nutrients that both you and your baby need, that you may not be getting from your diet. There are many prenatal vitamins to choose from, so you want to make sure you find one that will best suit your needs. SmartyPants is a brand that I recommend often for many reasons. They make delicious gummy vitamins that are organic and vegetarian. Their gummies also meet the requirements for folate which most gummy vitamins don’t. Even better….most vitamins contain folic acid rather than folate which is the natural form. The 200% daily value of vitamin D supports bone health. Probiotics to support mom’s digestion, and Omega-3 ALA to support brain development. (These do not contain Iron as it oxidizes fish oil. SmartyPants recommends taking a separate iron supplement if you need one).



We live in a busy world. Some expectant mothers are working. Some are already mothers to older children. Some are going to school. It can be very easy to forget to take time to rest. Make time for yourself to enjoy a warm bath, a nap, or just some quiet time reading a book alone. Your body and your baby will thank you.





Light exercise is a great way to promote prenatal wellness. It can help manage aches and pains, keep your weight balanced, help you feel energized, and prepare your body for labor. With the ok from your doctor, it is generally safe to exercise for at least 30 minutes per day. If the weather is nice, take a brisk walk or even try out some prenatal yoga.