5 Low and No-Tech Christmas Gift Ideas for Babies

Christmas is such a special time. When you have a baby who’s going to be experiencing the Christmas season for the first time there is an extra bushel of magic. You have the Baby’s First Christmas outfit with matching bib ready for Christmas morning, but what do you put under the tree for baby?



I’ve been thinking about this quite a bit because this Christmas will be my 7-month-old son’s first Christmas. Thinking back to my first child’s first Christmas I realize now that I went overboard buying all of these toys that made lots of noise and had lots of flashing lights. He played with them for a while and pushed them all aside for a simple no-tech toy. Here are some great gift ideas for babies that are low and no-tech.

Plush Dolls and Animals

There are many plush, soft, stuffed animal toys on the market. I absolutely love the knitted plush items from Cuddle+Kind as well as the company’s mission to provide meals to children. When you purchase a toy from Cuddle+Kind the company will give 10 meals to children in need.




Playmats are perfect for tummy time. I especially love the LOVEVERY Play gym. This baby gym is made of wood and focuses on the various milestones. LOVEVERY also makes play kits that are geared towards specific baby milestones and comes with a great guide of how to use each toy.


Cause and Effect Toys

Toys that pop up or make sounds when a baby presses a button, shakes the toy or pulls a string. This can be as low tech as a rattle or as high tech as a toy with lots of buttons, sounds and flashing lights. My favorite no tech options are pop up toys like the Fisher Price Pop Up toys that promote problem-solving and fine motor skills.



From the plastic interlocking blocks to wooden blocks these toys create hours of creativity for years. I bought my oldest who will soon be 8 years old lettered wooden blocks for his firsts birthday, and he still uses them to build and spell words.



Books are always a great choice for gifts. There are board books, cloth books, pop up books and of course the classics. It’s never too early to build your child’s library and promote reading.


Whether you chose to gift no-tech, low-tech or high-tech toys remember that the best gift of all during the holiday season is time spent with our loved ones. Happy Holiday!!!



About the author: Stacie is a military spouse, mom and behavior analyst and shares her journey as a military spouse and autism mom on her blog MilSpouse in the House.