MommyCon :: Hearty But Cheap Cold Weather Meals

Hearty But Cheap Cold Weather Meals

Ahhhhh…..the smell of the crisp air as fall rolls around! It’s one of my favorite times of the year. One thing I love about the cold weather is all of the amazing warm food that we get to enjoy!

As a mother who has a family of six, I am always looking for good hearty meals that are not only easy to make but budget-friendly. Easy on the clock. Easy on the wallet. Easy on the tummy! When I think hearty and cheap cold weather food, I immediately think of soups and stews.

Turkey Soup

One of the first soups of the year that I make it turkey soup! It’s a great way to do more with those Thanksgiving leftovers other than turkey sandwiches.

Once everyone has had dinner, I pour the drippings into a jar and wrap the turkey bones (with bits of meat still on) in some foil. About two days after Thanksgiving I make a nice pot of turkey soup. Simmer the drippings with a little water and some seasonings like garlic powder, salt, pepper, and Sazón. After about 10 minutes, I add in the turkey bones and some veggies such as celery, carrots, and cabbage. Cook it down for about 20 minutes more, and you have amazing soup.

You can make it hearty by serving it with a bowl of rice on the side or adding potatoes to the soup.


Another hearty, cold weather favorite of mine is chili! I love that chili can be made in so many ways. Ground beef, ground turkey, even ground beef imitation crumbles for vegetarians which I sometimes enjoy using. Some tomatoes, herbs, and beans if you like. I love to serve mine with cornbread to make it more filling. Of course, you can serve it with crackers or regular bread rolls too!

Shepard’s Pie

This last meal is my husband’s favorite. He’s a meat an potatoes guy, and this one-dish meal is perfect for a cold day. I love serving this after a long day out running errands in the cold, or when I know my husband has had a long day. He works as a mail carrier and the poor man comes home freezing.

Make this with fresh ingredients or make it on a budget like this mama using boxed mash, ground beef, and canned or frozen mixed veggies lol. Using budget-friendly ingredients also makes it quick to cook! Win-Win! This meal is sure to fill even the hungriest tummy!


Try out some of these delicious meals, come back and comment to let us know how they turned out. Share if you put a spin on the dish!