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5 Ways To Support Your Child With Reading At Home

Depending on your child, reading at home can be a struggle.  Many kids when they come home from school, just want to relax and play. Allowing a mixture of playtime and homework time is a great combination. But how can you help your child with reading at home? Here are 5 ways to support them with reading at home.

Read With Them

Many teachers require 20 minutes of reading at home each night, depending on the grade and school. Most times, parents fall into the quick choice of having their children read silently. They feel this would be the most beneficial for them. In order to help your child, switch it up. One night read together, the next time they read alone, another night you read to them, and you can also take turns reading. This way it makes the reading process fun and they get some extra time with you. Make sure to ask them some questions about their reading to ensure they understand what they’re reading.

Do Read-Alouds

Read-alouds always get forgotten because of how busy we always are. Bring a book wherever you are going. Whenever there is a free moment, have your child read aloud. If you forget a book, have your child read what is around. For example, if you are waiting for a doctor’s appointment, there might be a magazine for kids there. Reading aloud together can make the time pass quicker as well as informational.


Audio books are becoming more popular and are a great resource for parents to embrace! Books can be listened to in the car, on a kindle, on a long trip, at home, you name it! Audio books are great for families who are always on the move. They are also exciting when kids can listen to a book on technology.

Make It Fun!

A lot of times when parents have children who need to do homework, it always ends up in a battle. Kids end up crying, parents end up frustrated, and then forcing kids to read or they’re not going to be able to play really takes the joy of reading away. Make reading a reward and enjoy it as a family.  We know that doing homework at home can be a struggle but when you make it fun, it will really help your children to love reading instead of hating it.

Have The Right Books

Lastly, when trying to make reading fun, make sure you have the right books! Bring your child to the bookstore or book fair and have them pick out books that they like. Giving them options is great too because they might not know what to read. At the same time, guide them in the direction of making their own choices.


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