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Halloween Safety Tips

As the end of October draws near it can only mean one thing, Halloween!!! Halloween is one of my families favorite parts of the year. Between picking out costumes, decorating the yard, family events, and trick or treating it is definitely a holiday we look forward to. However, when you combine dark nights, roadways, strangers houses, pumpkins with candles, and food allergies there is a lot of hidden dangers and safety precautions that need to be made.

Luckily I have compiled this Mom’s 7 Foolproof & Easy Halloween Safety Tips!


The Brighter the Better!

Make sure you bring at least one flashlight per family member. Children are easiest to spot if they have some type of glowstick or light up shoes that you can identify them from the others. Do not forget to mark your stroller and yourself too! Children coming back to a dark street may be scared if they see ten parents and can’t figure out which one is their mom. Even better: bring along that light up wand or sword, from the last trip to Disney on Ice, to wave to get their attention. It’s an easy and festive way to make sure they can always find you.

Check the Candy!

Some houses give things other than your typical Reeses and Tootsie Pops. Between the cans of soda, political flyers, and small toys I have seen come home, I am never shocked by what people hand out. Be sure to check the candy bag for anything your child either cannot have or you don’t want them to have.

Beware the Jack-O-Lanterns!

Most people use battery operated candles for their jack-o-lanterns but there are still some people who use the old fashion candles. The open flame combined with store-bought costumes made of cheap materials is a huge fire hazard.  Teach your children to beware any open flames and encourage friends & family to use battery operated lights.

Stay on Sidewalks & Marked Paths!

This should go without saying, but staying on sidewalks keeps kids safely out of the road and away from any passing cars that may be around. However many parents and children don’t think of staying on marked paths up to a person’s door. A dark yard may have any variety of obstacles that a child may not see. From extension cords and pumpkins to dog poo or a rabbit hole. None are things you want your child to trip on or in.

Beware toddler runaways or tired legs!

With all the walking to and from houses, little legs are bound to get tired early. If you have children of varying ages you are going to want to make sure you don’t end up with a straggler with little legs. Babywearing is wonderful if you have to continue to accompany children to the doorstep. However, I prefer the stroller or a wagon. It an easy place for little ones to rest. And, it’s also great for carrying water bottles & unloading candy.

Preplan your events!

Would a daytime or nighttime event be better for your family? Trunk or treat, Fair, Mall, Neighborhood, Library: There are lots of options these days. Knowing what events you are going to attend, if they involve candy or require an admission fee, what age they are geared towards, and if your Halloween costume will even fit in the event space(we had a year that our daughter was a Smore & couldn’t fit at the arts & crafts function we attended)

Pick the perfect Trick or Treating Route!

Check your trick or treating route for sidewalks, bad road conditions, etc. Also, check for your trick or treating neighborhood to know what neighbors houses may not be safe for children.


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