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What Information To Leave With A Babysitter

You had a beautiful baby, you held them tight, you cherish every moment with them. However, the day has finally come, it is time to leave them with a babysitter. When my oldest was little we used babysitters a lot more than I wanted to. My daughter wasn’t old enough to tell us how the day went or tell the sitter what to do. It was a nerve-racking experience. I got researching and eventually found a system that worked for us. Here is my list of what information to leave with a babysitter.

#1. Emergency Contact Information: We created a magnet that is always on our fridge. It has a list of all family member’s dates of birth and allergies on one side. The other side has doctors, school, daycare, and other important phone numbers. We also made sure to include our address, closest cross streets, phone number etc in case of an emergency.

#2. A copy of necessary medical information (and permission to act on the child’s behalf): We always kept this in the diaper bag. We used a small clear bag with insurance cards, medical info, and a blanket release statement. The blanket release statement allowed our babysitter and grandparents to be able to make medical decisions on behalf of the child if they were in imminent danger and we were out of reach.

#3. The child’s schedule: I would make sure to keep a post-it pad next to the fridge. I would list what time the child had eaten, slept & had diaper changes during the day. I would request the sitter continue the list as the night went. Next to this, I would have a second note with how I expected the night to go for the child including what time they would eat, go to bed & any other instructions.

#4. A location and phone number: Nowadays with cell phones, it doesn’t seem anyone actually writes where they are going to be. However, my husband and I would often turn off our cell ringers during a movie or a romantic dinner, leaving the babysitter all alone with us out of touch in the event of an emergency.

#5 First Aid Kit: Every family should have one of these anyways, but I highly recommend making sure your babysitter knows where it is, what is in it & how to use everything appropriately.

Outside of these easy 5 things, just make sure your babysitter has the basic necessities. Do they have enough diapers? Are they aware of your household rules? Did you tell them the bedtime ritual? Do they have enough bottles? Think of how you would spend that time frame with your child and make sure you are also passing on any pertinent information and you will be in for a wonderful kid-free time!

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