MommyCon :: Busy Bags: A Cool Way To Keep Your Kids Occupied When It’s Too Cold To Go Out

Busy Bags: A Cool Way To Keep Your Kids Occupied When It's Too Cold To Go Out

In 2016 when I was about to have my 4th child, I started to feel worried about my 3rd child not getting enough attention. My oldest two were in public school at the time and I feared that my 2 year old would get bored during the day. After some online browsing, I found out about Busy Bags!

Busy Bags are exactly what they sound like! Bags to keep your kid busy…lol. These come in handy for travel, parents who work from home, maternity leave, and crummy weather! Busy bags are great for kids of all ages, and the contents of the bags will vary by age. I’ll share some of the things I put in the bags for my 4 year old.

Gallon sized Ziploc bags, pages from a coloring/activity book, crayons, play doh, and other arts and craft supplies are some of my favorite things to include. Seasonal crafts are a good way to switch things up. Pumpkin cutouts during fall, snowflake cutting in winter, etc. Mini puzzles are great too!

I like to include 1 snack and 2 activities in each bag. I fill a few bags at a time and make a special basket to put them in. When boredom strikes, out comes the basket and your child has something to keep them busy for up to one hour! Simple and budget friendly! Enjoy!