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How To Use The Moby Wrap and FIT

The Moby Wrap is the quintessential parenting product. If you have heard of a stretchy wrap, chances are you heard it called a Moby Wrap. There is something to be said about products that have stood the test of time, and we love the way they have adapted their fabrics over the years. Our current fave is the viscose/cotton blend that is super soft and snuggly.



Here are a few details that set the Moby Wrap apart:

  • Made of super soft 70% Viscose / 30% Cotton Knit
  • One-size-fits-all
  • Inward, front and hip carrying positions
  • Weight Range – 8-30 lbs.


The Moby FIT is one of the newer carriers on the block and we love how simple the carrier is to use. It feels like a wrap, but has far less fabric. It’s less intimidating to caregivers who want the feel of a wrap without using all of the fabric.



Here are a few details that set the Moby FIT apart:

  • Made of 100% Cotton Knit
  • One-size-fits-all
  • Front and outward carrying positions
  • For babies 8-30 lbs


Xza says…

“The Moby Wrap was my second carrier ever. I remember getting my son my on my chest and wrapping him up in all this fabric and feeling like I could do anything. That black Moby eventually went on to hold many more babies. I only wish I could have used the Fit with my babies.”


Check out our demo video to learn how to use the Fit and Wrap.



Want to try this carrier out in person? Join us at a MommyCon near you and check out The Babywearing Lounge. Here you can get help from our babywearing experts to find the perfect carrier for you and your little one.


Also, check out our other carrier demo videos below!


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