MommyCon :: How To Use The Naked Panda Designs Mer Buckle Onbuhimo

How To Use The Naked Panda Designs Mer Buckle Onbuhimo


Looking for a new way to wear your baby! The Naked Panda Designs Mer Buckle Onbuhimo can be worn from birth through 5 years old. Why? We have perfected our own Onbuhimo design which includes our infant cinch, tandem compatible panel, and board short material allowing you to wear in and out of water! We assure you that the foam we use is as durable and has zero water retention!


Here are a few details that set the Mer Buckle Onbuhimo apart:

  • Birth to 5 years old (7lbs – 45lbs)
  • Front, hip, back and tandem capabilities
  • No waist belt


Xza says…

“A buckle onbuhimo is ideal for caregivers who don’t like waist belts and the flexibility to wear children in tandem on the front, hip or back. This particular carrier is amazing, because it can be worn in and out of water.”


Check out our demo video to learn how to use the Fit and Wrap.



Want to try this carrier out in person? Join us at a MommyCon near you and check out The Babywearing Lounge. Here you can get help from our babywearing experts to find the perfect carrier for you and your little one.


Also, check out our other carrier demo videos below!


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