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Tips to Keep Weekly Meal Prep Under $100

Meal prepping weekly has become an important part of many families weekly lives. Being able to juggle tons of different events every week and feed a family can become difficult and tiring. Trying to figure out what to make from scratch every night and on time, is stressful! Many moms meal prep on Sunday nights and creating a menu for the whole week. Along with meal prepping is a trip to the grocery store. As you know, going to the grocery store can be pricey. Did you know that you can meal prep for under $100 a week? This article will share some tips on how to keep your meal prep under $100.

Buy in season produce

Produce at a grocery store can be expensive. Do your research to determine what produce is in season that month and it will keep costs down. Not only will they be cost effective but they’ll also taste better because they’re in season.


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 Shop the sales

After creating a menu for the week, make a list of the items that you will need. Most grocery stores have online apps or websites that share their weekly sales without having to check in the store. This way it helps you keep or remove items based on sale prices. Be flexible to editing the menu for your meal prep if fish might be on sale this week instead of the chicken breast.


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Go through the coupons

Before going shopping, shop through the coupons. With a weekly budget of $100, coupons can help you achieve this budget. Weekends is usually when the bonus coupons come out so make sure to find them prior to going shopping. Many products come with discounts when bought in bulk.


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Buy staple items for pantry in bulk

Buying in bulk is your new best friend. Costco or Sam’s Club are great for buying in bulk. However, if you don’t have their membership and aren’t planning on getting one, use coupons to help buy in bulk. Many coupons help those trying to purchase things in bulk save money on it. Staple items in the pantry include items like salt, pepper, rice, spices, nut butter, maple syrup, oatmeal, pasta, beals, quinoa, cereals, dried fruits, etc. Buying in bulk can help cut costs weekly and apply easily to your meal prep.



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These tips will help you lower your weekly costs to under $100. Meal planning is something that does take a bit of time, but in the end can save you time during the week and money off of your grocery bill. The above tips can help you with both of those and maybe using the money you’re saving to do a little self-care during the extra time you now have!


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