MommyCon :: MommyCon and DaddyCon Orlando 2018

MommyCon and DaddyCon Orlando 2018

MommyCon and DaddyCon Orlando was a blast and we can’t believe it’s already over! We saw babywearing, endless breastfeeding, and parents making new friends.



We kicked off MommyCon Orlando VIP Day on Friday afternoon and had more guests than ever before! Since there were Gold VIP, Silver VIP and 2-Day Premium attendees there, we had two speaker rooms open and even more opportunities for learning and playing for the little ones.



Between Abby’s Lane and Groovaroo, every age had something to do. The session rooms were filled to the brim, especially with kids trying to run around and play. It’s a good thing they could get some wiggles out during Groovaroo’s dancing session. There were toddles, bigger kids, mom’s with babies and even pregnant mamas busting a move.



When the doors of MommyCon closed, the doors of the Jujube Pink Ladies Get Together opened. We had over 300 guests attend this private party equipped with cupcakes, bags and even the launch of a new print! Attendees loved showing off their current Jujube favorites while eating cupcakes. At the end of the event, they did a whole bunch of giveaways and one mom actually won her bag while her little one was eating dinner.



The next morning, we woke up bright and early, or maybe not so bright because it was 6 am. As we were putting the finishing touches together, in came our attendees. They got there nice and early to save a spot in line before the Exhibitor Hall opened up. Once the doors opened up, guests rushed in to get to their favorite brands before they sold out. One mama got so many cloth diapers from Lighthouse Kids, she couldn’t fit them all in her bag and they were flowing on the carpet!



Grandmas and Grandpas were also there supporting their children and grand babies. We love seeing multiple generations of beautiful, strong families enjoying themselves at the happiest convention on earth.



You of course cannot forget all the breastfeeding moms who pumped some love for their little ones. Some opted for the privacy of The Feeding Lounge, and others just pulled out a boob when baby started crying. We had super mom over here who saved the day with just one breast.



The biggest trend of the event were the personalized t-shirts attendees wore. We had the 3 bears, the mom hustlers and even a couple who’s shirts read, “If lost, return to babe” and “I’m babe.”



Not only did we have MommyCon in Orlando, we brought with us DaddyCon. Some dads were brought to MommyCon by their wife on a MommyCon ticket and were pumped to learn that DaddyCon was also there. We had sessions for dads on everything from birth choices to survival and fatherhood. Our attendees loved having sessions tailored specifically to them and how they are as a parent.



Over in the Exhibitor Hall, the DaddyCon Lounge was always packed! Attendees could play corn hole, chill out on an inflatable seat or check out some products from DaddyCon sponsors. It was a great little spot to hang out while mama took some time to stroll around the booths.



In the Babywearing Lounge, we spotted some dads getting fitted for their very first wrap. The ladies in there were so knowledgable and took you through every step of the process. Parents never left feeling confused or nervous about the safety of their little ones.



To wrap up DaddyCon, we brought back The Dad Games. We had them changing a diaper, packing a diaper bag, putting on a carrier and opening and closing a stroller. We crowned the winner who received a Jujube diaper bag, an Ergobaby 360 and 1 months supply of Huggies diapers and wipes!



How is MommyCon and DaddyCon Orlando already over? We could not have had a more fantastic weekend. All of you made it possible and you are why we do this. We love our attendees and want you guys to have the best parenting convention ever.

That’s A Wrap

We can’t wait to see everyone when we head back to California in two months for MommyCon San Diego on November 10th. Since two months seems like forever, I’m going to leave you with this to enjoy for a while. Here’s a picture of an adorable baby!