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A Day in the Life of a First-Time Mom

Are you expecting your first child soon? Do you wonder what a day in the life of a first-time mom is like? When you are pregnant with your first baby, life doesn’t really seem any different until the day your baby is born. That is when everything changes. It’s so hard to know what your new life is going to look like and plan for without having a child.

Talking to friends and family can help you get a better picture. Reading blogs and articles online are helpful to figure it out, but what is it really like daily for a first-time mom? We are here to tell you.



This is usually where the day begins or ends, however you want to look at it. This time frame is usually between midnight and 3 A.M. This is when we’re hoping our kids are asleep as we lay in bed. Babies usually know when we are about to sleep, and they wake up to eat. For the first month or so before they establish a routine, 12-3 is usually a time for feeding.



Between 5AM and 7AM, moms are getting out of bed for a second feeding. By this time, we are super tired. Being a first time mom is especially hard because of the wonky sleep schedules of infants. Coffee might be your new best friend.



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Between 7 and 10, trying to breastfeed, working on tummy time, changing diapers and maybe catch an episode of Friends in there is what your morning will look like. Sleep, changing diapers and checking Facebook and rotate.



Since your baby is a newborn, they don’t exactly eat lunch while you do, but it is important that you remember to feed yourself too! Between the sleeping, feeding and changing diapers, make yourself some food and return some text messages or emails.


Mid Afternoon

After lunch, find some time to go outside. As a new first-time mom, sometimes we forget to actually leave the house because we’re so busy. Make it a point to attempt to leave the house. Start with going for a walk with the baby. It is a very long process with lots of items needed. Practicing leaving the house is a good way to get into the habit of bringing all the items and the time will get quicker.


Dinner time

Dinner time really only applies to you and your husband. A newborn baby can have dinner maybe 3 times! Make sure to include dinner in your first-time mom life since the baby does rule your life for the first few months. Don’t forget that you can go out to dinner! Your baby will sleep a lot in the first few months. Take advantage of it while you can.



After dinner

Depending on your baby, this time could be a nap time or a bath time. You will notice that eating dinner gets shorter and the time gets later. Bath time always worked for us, but eating dinner ended up being at 9PM. Starting a routine for your baby will essentially help you get into a routine too. This is a good time to start laundry too. You might be up for quite a few hours!


After hours

This is the time from dinner to midnight that you might want to attempt to sleep before the baby wakes up for a midnight feeding.If your lucky, three hours of sleep might occur during this time. This could also be a good time to get an episode of the new season of Orange is the New Black in since you rarely get TV time with the husband.


Remember, there is no right way to parent. You do what works best for your baby and your family. Trying to get as much sleep as possible is the key to survival in the first month. Hopefully this schedule can help you feel more at ease that you are not alone in a crazy newborn schedule!



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