MommyCon :: MommyCon Philadelphia 2018

MommyCon Philadelphia 2018

It’s was such a great weekend here at MommyCon Philly, we definitely didn’t want the fun to end. We saw lots of breastfeeding, cloth diapering, dads learning to babywear for the first time, and even moms wearing three kids at once, oh my!

We kicked off MommyCon Philadelphia VIP Day Friday afternoon. Mat York, of That Dad Mat, answered questions like being a dad to how to keep the romance alive. Bonnie got some suggestions for her husband who’s had a hard time connecting with their kids. Attendees asked question after question after question until Mat ran out of time.

Attendees looooooved the Mommy Barre class! This was so much fun because we got to see moms with and without babies doing poses. Watching them balance on one foot and a baby on their back was hilarious. There was tons of laughing and smiling by mamas and babes.

Everyone left for the day and got some shut eye before an even longer and crazier day.

The sun came up and it was time to being our full day of MommyCon Philadelphia. As we were putting the finishing touches together, in comes our attendees. They showed up bright and early to get the best pick of the Exhibitor Hall! We had a very long line for the opening of the hall. Moms screamed out “Grovia” when I asked them who they were excited to see. I guesssss there’s a big following here, haha.

I had a lot of fun talking to families with multiple generations of beautiful, strong women. Moms wanted to share this experience with the woman who raised them to be the amazing parents they are today.


We had a whole lot of dads attend MommyCon Philly. Some came to support their wives while some came because they are now stay at home dads. It’s so much fun seeing dads hanging out with their little ones either snuggling, playing or just watching them sleep.

Every time I walked by the session rooms, they were packed! Attendees were lining the walls, sitting on the floor or listening from outside the door. We had babies and strollers and even beach balls everywhere. Some of the fan favorite sessions were Potty Training Through Parenting, Put a Cup in It, Romp N’ Roll and any session by Dawn from ezpz.

You of course cannot forget all the breastfeeding moms who pumped some love for their little ones. Some opted for the privacy of The Feeding Lounge, and others just pulled out a boob when baby started crying. #NormalizeBreastfeeding

How is MommyCon Philadelphia is already over? We could not have had a more fantastic weekend. All of you made it possible and you are why we do this. We love our attendees and want you guys to have the best parenting convention ever. Now it wouldn’t be MommyCon if we didn’t throw in some pictures of cute babies, so here they are!


We can’t wait to see everyone when we head out to California next month for MommyCon Pasadena on August 18th.