MommyCon :: Water Wraps/Slings: Because Wet Babies are Slippery

Water Wraps/Slings: Because Wet Babies are Slippery

Ah, summertime. The smell of sunscreen and chlorine is in the air, and I love it. I love spending the summer relaxing in the pool or at the beach on vacation. I turn my phone off and I just zone out. Well I used too. Haha! Now, I have kids and the ability to turn off my phone and zone out is kind of gone. I still love to go to the pool and the beach though! With two kids one of the ways I make getting into the water a possibility is by babywearing. It leaves me hands free to make sure my toddler is safe while my younger child is safe. Plus, babies are slippery when wet so babywearing in the water helps.

When it comes to baby wearing in water not all baby carriers are made the same though. Some water carriers are made to just be worn in the water, and are not for every day use. Others are made to be used every day in and out of the water. Below are a couple of different things to think about when looking into purchasing a water wrap/ring sling.


What Makes Water Wraps/Slings Different

The biggest difference is the material. If you were to use a regular baby carrier in the pool or at the beach you run the risk of color loss/runs and damaging your carrier. Water carriers are made from light weight material made specifically to withstand going in the water over a long period of time. They either do not absorb water or absorb very little so as not to weigh you down, they are easy to wipe off, washable, and dry fast.  Another plus is they are a little cooler in the hot summer months.

Perks of Water Wraps/Slings

Of course, the biggest perk of water wraps/slings is being able to wear your babies in the water. Haha! To build off that perk is the ability to wear your babies in the shower. I use my carrier in the shower when my children are sick and need the steam from the shower to help with their congestion. Sick babies love to be skin to skin and baby wearing helps them feel better. You can also baby wear in the shower to shower! Just make sure you take precautions not to get water and soap in baby’s eyes and you are good to go. Another great perk of water wraps/slings is the added UPF protection they provide while out at the pool or beach.


Which One Should I Get? Wrap vs. Ring Sling

Just like any baby carrier which one to choose is really up to you. I personally have both a water wrap and ring sling, and I use them at different times. (OK I have multiple and in many different colors. Haha!) If you are amazing at wrapping then a water wrap may be your jam. If you are not so good at wrapping the ease of a ring sling might be for you. I suggest trying to find a natural baby store that has the water wrap/sling you are looking to purchase in store and see if it is possible to try they on. I also suggest contacting the company to ask any questions you might have about the product.

Companies to Consider

Since water carriers are not the first thing that comes to people’s minds when they think baby carriers finding a company you trust to purchase from can be difficult. You google water carriers and tons of carriers come up from Amazon and Etsy shops. Just like regular baby carriers counterfeit water carriers are out there so below are three companies to consider when you start your search for a water wrap/ring sling.


XOXO – Lite

Beachfront Baby

Wrapsody Baby – WrapDuO



Once you have your water wrap or sling in hand try it on to make sure it fits. Then load up your pool/beach bags and the kids for some fun in the sun!


Notes on Counterfeits

When looking to purchase a water wrap or ring sling please be very careful and make sure you purchase from a reputable company. Just like other products there are companies that make counterfeit water wraps/sling and try to sell them as popular products. These wraps/slings are not safe! Companies spend money testing their products to make sure they are safe for their consumers.  Counterfeit products have not been quality or safety tested and pose a risk to you and your family. There are some ways to tell if the water wrap/sling you want to purchase is from a legitimate company or not.

First, research the company. If the company is a bargain discount site on Facebook and the price looks to go to be true it’s quite possible it is. If you see a company logo/name on the carrier in the picture go straight to that company’s website to check out the company.

Second, you should be able to register your product when you receive it. When you receive your purchase in the mail there should be a card that comes with it that allows you to send it in to the company to register your carrier. This helps the company to know who to contact if there is a safety recall on their carriers.

Third, your water wrap/sling should come with all required safety warning’s and labels. These labels contain information about your carrier such as, what it is made of, how much weight it can hold, how to wash, where it was made, when it was made, and necessary safety warnings. If your carrier does not come with this information then it is more than likely a counterfeit product.


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