MommyCon :: 3 Quick and Easy Dinners for Families

3 Quick and Easy Dinners for Families

Dinner time is one of the crazier parts of my day, as a mom of little ones. Everyone is hungry and tired, and some nights we have activities or appointments we are rushing home from. I do try and meal plan, which helps a lot. Although, I do often forget to take the meat out of the freezer or prep the ingredients I need ahead of time. And add picky toddlers to everything else, it can be tough getting something on the table each night.  I hope that is something that all parents can relate too, but if not, and you have dinner time totally under control, send me all your tips!

Its probably no surprise then, that I am a huge fan of quick and easy dinners. If a meal takes less than 20-30 minutes from start to finish, and is made from pantry staples, you can be sure it’ll be on our menu. I’m excited to share three of my favorite dinner recipes with you today!

Taco Bowls

These are a huge hit at my house! Everyone loves them because they are fun to customize, and you don’t have to worry about someone not liking it, because they choose their toppings. My kids especially love these, because they get to make their own bowl and involving them always gets them to eat more. This is also a super inexpensive recipe and you can double or triple your meat to freeze for later.


Meat: Chicken or Beef (meat free is always great too!)










Sour Cream




Bell Pepper

Tortilla Chips

-The options are really endless here, whatever you like on tacos is fair game


Prepare your meat however you like, we like to throw it in the slow cooker with a jar of salsa. Add lettuce, meat, and whatever toppings you like to your bowl and enjoy!

Zucchini Boats

I love this meal, because there are again, lots of ways to customize. Are you seeing a theme here??

You can stuff the zucchini with almost anything, but my favorite is meatballs.


3-4 medium zucchini

1 bag frozen meatballs

1 jar of your favorite tomato sauce

Parmesan cheese


Cut zucchini in half length wise, and scoop out insides. Lay 3-4 meatballs in each “boat” and top with tomato sauce and Parmesan cheese. Bake uncovered at 350 for 20 minutes, or until zucchini is tender and cheese is melted. *I love this meal, because it is an easy and fun way to sneak some extra veggies in my kids.*

Creamy Tomato Soup

I love soup, and I am trying hard to share that love with my family. It is such a quick and easy dinner too, you throw a few ingredients in a pot or your slow cooker, and your done. This tomato soup is one of our favorites, and you can easily double or triple it and freeze some for another night.


1 large can ( 23 oz) of tomato soup

2 cups of chicken/veggie stock or water

1 cup of heavy cream

1 cup of Italian cheese mix

1 bag frozen tortellini (optional)


Add soup and stock or water to a large pot, mix well and bring to a boil. Once liquid is at a rolling boil, add heavy cream and mix well. Lower heat to a simmer and add cheese and frozen tortellini. Continue cooking until cheese is melted and pasta is tender.

I like serving this with a green salad and bread sticks, but it is just as satisfying on its own.


I hope these recipes add some variety to your menu and help dinner time go a little more smoothly at your house. If you have a favorite quick recipe, tell me in the comments, I’m always looking for new ones too!


About the author: Aryn is a Wife, Mama and Certified Lactation Counselor. She shares her musings on motherhood, journey to self love, breastfeeding tips, along with her favorite mom and beauty products on her blog With Cream and Sugar. You can keep up with her musings on motherhood and daily adventures on Instagram