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DIY Baby Teething Necklace

DIY Baby Teething Necklace

Ever look at a product and think, “Wait a minute. I can make that!”? For me, that product was baby teething necklaces with silicone beads.

teething necklaces with silicone beads

I mean, the list of items needed to make a baby teething necklace is pretty short:

  • nylon cord
  • silicone beads
  • breakaway clasps
  • (optional items) lighter or match, or clear nail polish

materials to make teething necklaces

Add creativity to that, and you’re all set!

Silicone Beads for Teething Necklaces

To make teething necklaces, I order beads on Etsy and on Amazon. You can see the silicone beads I ordered in my post about chewable necklaces for older kids.

Silicone Beads for Teething Necklaces

An important thing to note about the beads, especially since they are going in your baby’s mouth. You want to make sure that the beads are:

  • food grade silicone,
  • BPA free,
  • phthalate free,
  • lead free,
  • and PVC free.

Most sellers will include this information in the product’s description, so you might need to do a bit of research before buying so that you know you’re getting high quality beads.

chewable beads for teething necklace

Be sure to keep any loose beads away from your baby or toddler. Loose beads can be a choking hazard.

Cord for Teething Necklace

The type of cord you choose is important too. You want something strong enough that won’t fray. I personally use satin nylon cord made for crafting and jewelry making.

string for teething necklace

How to Make a Baby Teething Necklace

Step 1: Measure and cut the cord.

How long you cut the cord depends on where you want the necklace to fall on you. Since I wear my necklaces while babywearing, I cut 36 inches of cord to use so that it’s long enough for my toddler to play with without choking me.

A longer necklace also works perfectly as a nursing necklace when you’re breastfeeding. It gives the baby something to play with while eating.

A shorter necklace works for when you’re holding baby in your arms. Instead of pulling your hair or playing with your earrings, baby can play with the teething necklace.

Step 2: Decide on a style or pattern.

It’s much easier to plan out the style of the necklace or pattern of the beads before putting them on the cord. It also makes the process a little faster.

I like to line up my beads in front of me to see what they look like when put together. Usually, I use a larger bead or pendant as the center and then build the pattern from there.

pattern for teething necklace with silicone beads

You can fill the entire necklace with beads, but you don’t need too. I prefer to use around 30-40 beads (it depends on the size) as silicone beads near my hairline tend to pull hair, plus the necklace can feel heavy once it’s filled with beads.

Step 3: Prepare the cord.

This step is optional, but I find it to be a necessary step for me as it makes the whole process easier.

In order to get the beads and clasp on, I prepare the end of the cord. Using a lighter, I heat up the very end of the cord so that it doesn’t fray when I try to add the beads or the clasp.

To heat it up, just light a match and just touch the flame to the end of the cord. It’s a very quick thing!

An alternative to heating the end of the cord is cutting the end of the cord at an angle and then adding a very thin layer of clear nail polish. I would use clear polish from this brand as it is safe for use by kids.

Step 4: Tie on one half of the clasp.

I prefer to do this before I add the beads, simply because I don’t want the beads to slip off as I’m working. (You can add the center bead or pendant and work from there on both sides, if you prefer.)

Tie a knot or two at the very end of the cord. Slip on the clasp with the widest side toward the knot.

Once the clasp is over the knot, tie a second knot behind it to keep it in place.

breakaway clasp with knot

Step 5: Add the beads.

Add the beads in the pattern you chose.

making a baby teething necklace

If the cord gives you a hard time going through the beads, spin it a little as it’s going through.

You can add knots at the end of your pattern to keep the beads in place. These knots also serve to keep the beads on the necklace should your clasp fail for some reason.

silicone beads for diy teething necklace

You can also add knots in between the beads for a different look. Just remember that the more knots you add, the shorter your teething necklace will be.

Step 6: Add the other half of the clasp. 

Add the other half of the clasp and tie a knot.

That’s it! You now have your own teething necklace you can wear when breastfeeding, babywearing, or just carrying baby around.

baby teething necklace with silicone beads

Safety First

Remember that these necklaces are made for mom, not for baby. Please do not put one around your baby or toddler’s neck. While the clasp is made to break apart if pulled on, the necklace could still be wrapped around a neck and cause injury.

breakaway clasp for teething necklace

Check the jewelry often to make sure that beads can’t come loose. If the cord frays at all, you could remove the beads and create a whole new necklace with new cord.

How to Clean Chewable Necklaces

You can wash teething necklaces made with silicone beads in warm soapy water. Rinse well.

Air dry the teething necklaces completely. Store in a dry space.

Make Your Own Baby Teething Necklace

What are you waiting for? Have fun making your own teething necklaces!

teal teething necklace with lotus bead

These teething necklaces are great DIY projects and they can be fun baby shower gifts as well.

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