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Vacationing While Pregnant

Vacationing While Pregnant

Traveling during your pregnancy might be the last thing on your mind these days. During this time of prenatal appointments, baby shower planning, nursery designing, and reading every parenting book possible you might find yourself far from a vacation mindset. I know the feeling. Taking a trip was the last thing I wanted to do during my pregnancies, too. However, taking time to enjoy a vacay before your little bundle of joy arrives can also be a wonderful experience. And, I’ve got some news for you mama… vacationing while pregnant can be so easy!

Vacationing while pregnant sounds stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. These tips will help you feel prepared to escape reality and enjoy a little pre-baby vacation.

1.) Go Over Your Plans With Your Obstetrician or Midwife

As with all things we do during our pregnancies – from trying new foods, to introducing a different type of vitamin – it’s a good idea to consult your provider about any changes in routine. It’s important to be sure that your body is capable of heading out of town with a baby in tow. Be sure to let your provider know whether you will be traveling by road, sea, or air and take heed to any advice they might give you. You’ll feel much more comfortable knowing if you and your sweet baby are healthy enough to enjoy going out of town!

Before you leave your provider’s office, don’t forget to discuss any prescription refills you might need so as not to run out on your trip.

2.) You’ll Likely Feel Your Best During The Second Trimester

With the exception of high-risk pregnancies, most women typically feel their best during their second trimester. By the start of your second trimester, you’ll likely begin to feel a burst of energy as your morning sickness begins to dwindle down. Fatigue will take a back seat to your newfound stamina. You can also rest assured knowing that traveling during the second trimester means there are less risk factors for you and your baby. Miscarriage and pre-term labor are much less common in the second trimester, so you can travel with peace of mind.

3.) Protect Your Body From Viruses

Before you take off on a relaxing vacation it’s crucial to prepare your pregnant body as much as you can. Keep balanced by taking your daily prenatal vitamin diligently. You can also consult with your OB/midwife about immunity boosting vitamin options that you can take while pregnant.

You can also arm your travel bag with tools to keep you fighting against germs during your trip. Sanitize your hands often with a germ-fighting gel or wipe. You can also keep a pack of surface wipes handy in your bag to wipe doorknobs and sink handles in your hotel bathroom. This extra step only takes seconds, and can prevent you from coming into contact with germs in your home-away-from-home during your vacation.

4.) Choose To Visit A Place Where You’ll Truly Relax

If you’re going to treat yourself to a pre-baby vacation, relaxation should be the key factor in deciding where you’ll go. While a trip to a beautiful city where you’ll explore museums and beautiful architecture sounds wonderful, you might want to opt for a calm beach or mountain retreat instead. Chose a vacation spot that will give you a chance to completely check-out from the busy life. Yes, a brisk walk is still crucial to keep up a healthy pregnancy bod, but choose a vacation spot where walking wont cause a strain to your body. You’ll be able to enjoy your vacation so much more if you don’t need to soak your swollen ankles at the end of each day.

5.) Don’t Skip Out On Comfort

I know, I know, vacations are prime opportunities for perfect photo-ops, which means you’ll want to show off your cute baby bump in some fashionable threads. I totally get it, but it’s also important to dress in clothing that is going to keep you comfy all day. While vacationing, try sticking to cozy maxi dresses or your favorite maternity leggings paired with a flowy top. You can still make your staple comfort pieces look perfectly Instagram-able by accessorizing with hats, denim jackets, and cute comfy shoes. Do yourself a favor, and pack clothes that compliment your beautiful bump without causing discomfort. You’ll be sure to enjoy your vacation when you aren’t worried about fitting into uncomfortable denim throughout the day.

6.) Stay Hydrated, Carry Snacks, & Skip The Exotic Cuisine

It’s easy to forget the little things while you’re on vacation. Make sure to carry a water bottle & some of your favorite snacks in your bag while you’re exploring your vacation destination.

The cool eats you’ll discover while on vacation are often a part of what make a trip memorable. If you’re a total foodie, you’ll probably be Googling local cuisine before you head to your vacation destination. A word to the wise: skip the exotic dishes and look for your “safe foods”. Every pregnant woman has a few food staples that she knows won’t typically cause any post-meal discomfort. It’s a good idea to avoid exotic seafood, heavily spices dishes, and new types of dairy. Try to enjoy a simple, healthy meal you would normally enjoy at home and you’ll be sure to avoid a potential tummy ache.

If you’re visiting a tropical destination, ask your server for a virgin piña colada to add some pizzaz to your dining experience!

7.) Do Something Memorable

Taking a trip during your pregnancy is a wonderful time to create special memories about this precious time in your life. While you’re on vacation, take time to do something memorable with your partner. Bottle a little bit of sand from the beach you have spent time on or sit down to have a caricature drawn by a local street artist. Buy yourselves cheesy matching t-shirts at your hotel gift shop, or purchase a bottle of local wine to enjoy together after your baby is born. Making the time to do something memorable will make looking back at your pre-baby vacation so much more special. You’ll cherish those thoughtful mementos, no matter how small or silly.

Happy Travels!

I hope that this list has proven helpful to you while you prepare for a vacation during your pregnancy. Remember, pregnancy is such a joyous time, and traveling doesn’t have to cause so much stress. Happy travels!

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