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What To Do With Your Old Baby Items

Lets face it, babies and kids come with a whole lot of STUFF! Even if its not all necessary, it is all looks so fun and you don’t know what your baby will or won’t like, so you just get it all. Then your baby grows up, and you have no more space, but you aren’t using these things. Sometimes you can sell them, but that takes time to list them and then you have to worry about meeting someone or whatever and its just extra time that parents don’t always have.

Another great option is to donate or give those items away. My youngest is just about to turn two, and we are not planning another baby at the moment, so we have been trying to get rid of a lot of clothes, toys, and baby gear. We went through everything and picked out some outfits we wanted save, and we are keeping one or two things we know we may use again, but everything else we are giving away.

Give to (or share) with your family and friends.

This is a great way to clear out stuff that you may need again in the future, share it with a brother/sister/cousin, who may be expecting. If you don’t think you’ll use it again, you can just completely gift it to them. My sisters and I happen to keep getting pregnant around the same time, and we have been swapping baby gear and clothes. Its been a great way for all of us to save some money or try things out before we decide to invest in one of our own. *If you eventually want it back, then definitely let them know, so they don’t sell or donate it*

Donate to a Day Care, Pregnancy Center or Women’s and Children’s Shelter

In every community, there are places that can benefit from donations. Day Cares may be able to use swings, pack n plays, toys…things that are easily cleaned and meant to last through use of multiple children. Pregnancy Centers and Shelters can often use those same things, and even more things like clothing, baby feeding items, and even maternity clothing. These organizations are often relying on donations to help families in the community and I always feel better knowing my things are going to someone who really needs them, rather than just collect dust in my home. Every organization will have their own guidelines about what they can and cannot except used, so be sure and call before you just take your things there.

Recycle Your Gear

This is a great option to get rid of old gear that may be expired, broken, or just plain worn out. Many companies offer recycling programs and they will take care of everything for you. Sometimes they will give you a coupon in return (like the Target or Babies R Us trade in events), or they will use the recycled items to help donate new products to families in need. A couple of programs that I am familiar with are TerraCycle, and Baby Earth. You can use Recycle your Carseat, to find multiple events and places that will accept used or damaged car seats. Medela and Hygeia both have programs to recycle used breast pumps.

I hope these ideas help with your spring and summer cleaning!



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