MommyCon :: 5 Baby Carriers You Should Know About by A Geeky Ginger

5 Baby Carriers You Should Know About by A Geeky Ginger

Soft structured carrier, wrap, ring sling… Where to begin? There are so many baby carriers out there and so many brands. As a new mom or even a well-seasoned one, it can be difficult to figure out what carrier to buy! There’s a lot to consider when it comes to fit, fabric, thickness, and (for me) the sensory aspect of it all. I like soft carriers with fabric that makes you want to smoosh your face into it..but hey, that’s me. So let me help ease some of that stress and give you the top 5 baby carriers you need in your life!

1. Wrapsody Baby

First, I’d like to point out one of my absolute favorite brands ever that is so often overlooked. Wrapsody Baby. I have been using these wraps for over 10 years now (I actually still have my original) and I have never stopped loving them. Whether you have a small little squish of a baby, or you’ve got a whopping 3.5 year old who is the size of a 4/5 year old, these wraps carry them all! With ease!

The Wrapsody Hybrid wrap is a gorgeous stretchy wrap, but has the capability to hold a toddler/preschooler (unlike other stretch wraps), so it’s definitely a carrier you can use for the length of your babywearing days! The stretch along the width also gives you the ability to have a nice, deep seat for those big toddler bottoms. The Wrapsody breeze is a beautiful cotton gauze blend that has a nice, airy flow to it that makes it perfect for hot days!

Both of the wraps offered by Wrapsody are perfect to me in every way, which is probably why I have so many of them (hah!). If you’re looking for a perma-stash wrap, definitely look at Wrapsody!

2. Kinderpack

Again, this is a company that I don’t feel has enough of a following (at least, compared to some other soft structured carrier brands). Kindercarry is my absolute favorite soft structured carrier company. Their carriers are just so easy! And don’t we need something easy in our lives? I mean, come on, we’re parents! Nothing is easy. But these carriers are absolutely so easy. Their panels hug your child like a wrap, with their lovely pleated lines, and the hoods cradle comfortably or tuck away in to the panel with no discomfort! The padding thickness on the shoulders is the same as any other standard SSC (soft structured carrier), but the width allows for wonderful weight distribution that makes my huge toddler feel light. Oh, and the amount of adjustments you can do on the buckles/straps and perfect fit adjusters (also known as PFA’s) is insane! You can get that carrier to fit you just right every time, and the straps glide like buttah’.

Seriously. I cannot get over how wonderful these carriers are. I’ve been using them for just a year, but I use them every single day. From my newborn nephew in an Infant size to my friend’s 7 year old daughter in the Preschool, I will carry all the children in these things! Since Kindercarry has 4 different sizes to their carriers (Infant, Standard, Toddler, Preschool), you can wear from newborn up until they no longer fit! I adore my Kinderpacks and suggest them to anyone that is considering a SSC for themselves. Seriously. Check them out.

3. Naked Panda Designs

This company, I came across about 2 years ago at the International Babywearing Conference. I was super entranced by their mermaid design buckle Onbuhimo’s, and I just had to know more about them. The owner/operator, Amanda, makes these utterly gorgeous and functional duo carriers that allow you to wear an Onbuhimo on the front of you and a soft structured carrier on your back, so you can easily tandem wear your babies. Naked Panda Designs is a small business that creates perfection in the way of Onbuhimo’s, in my “professional” opinion. For someone who has had back problems and diastasis recti, I am able to carry my kid in her Onbuhimo with such ease.

A couple of summers ago, I got to test out the mermaid design water Onbuhimo (that’s right, a water carrier) and I fell in love. This mermama was riding on Cloud (wave?) 9 while we traveled around to aquarium’s here in Florida and got to wear this gorgeous carrier. It was everything I could dream it to be. Comfy, supportive, safe, lightweight, and I could sweat all day in the Florida heat knowing that it would just wick it all away (yes!). She often is at Mommycon with these beauties, so you might be able to just try one on and fall in love, as well. But if not, definitely check out what she has in stock and get yourself one. You will not regret it.

4. Bijou Wear

This may be number 4 on my list, but it definitely ranks high. I started using Bijou Wear wraps a couple years ago and I can’t even describe to you how much I love them, though I will try. These wraps and ring slings are often made with a tencel blend. If you’re unfamiliar with tencel, you need to get familiar with it. It is the softest, most gorgeous blend of wrap ever. It glides beautifully, while still gripping in place when you need it to. This company focuses highly on sustainable, eco-friendly fibers, which is kind of amazing to me. You could buy a wrap that was once your recycled plastic bottles. cool is that? The company is incredibly inclusive with sizing, offering some of the longest wraps out there (size 10/6.7 meters), which I just find to be so beautiful.

Not only will you find these wraps and ring slings to be comforting, but Bijou Wear offers a loving, comforting, warm community through their Facebook group and Jaime (the owner) is just as inviting. I am a big believer in shopping brands based upon the people who run the companies, and Bijou Wear is definitely one of the companies that falls in line with everything I look for and respect.

5. Babyhawk

Babyhawk is seriously a fabulous company with really cool Meh Dai’s and they are budget-friendly! Gotta love any baby carrier company that is budget-friendly, am I right? I find that Meh Dai’s are highly underated, and I’m not sure why. You can front carry. You can back carry. You can hip carry. You can use it for a newborn and into toddler hood. You can breastfeed in them. What is there not to love???

What I love most about Babyhawk is how comfortable the padding is in their straps. It’s very comfortable and I find that Meh Dai’s distribute your baby’s weight well, because you are crossing the straps. I’ve been using Babyhawk since my youngest was just a few months old, but last year I got to get one customized by theme (that’s right… a custom carrier) for no extra cost! HOW COOL! Of course, the Geeky Ginger side of me had to get something geeky. Star Wars for the win, baby! The fact that you can send in your own fabric and get a custom Meh Dai is probably the coolest thing about Babyhawk, if I must say so myself. If you’re in the market for a fantastic, easy, cost-friendly carrier that will fit you, your spouse, your mom, your best friend, your nanny, your dog (ok, maybe not your dog), then definitely check out Babyhawk and get yourself a custom beauty!

Alright friends, that’s my list! I really hope this helps you with deciding on a carrier to try out for your family. Or, at least, that you enjoyed a couple minutes of my ridiculous personality (hah). But seriously, check out these amazing companies and their wonderful carriers. As a mom of two, and a babywearer of 15+ years, I have tried many carriers. If these are in my top 5, they’re absolutely worth looking into.



Lee is the Owner of the blog A Geeky Ginger and is a Babywearing Educator through the Center for Babywearing Studies. She lives in Central Florida with her husband and two girls. She’s a homeschooling, crafting, natural-living, Disney-obsessed, breastfeeding, special needs mama. She loves to travel as much as possible, even if it is just exploring around Florida. You can find her on her blog or social media links: Facebook, Instagram, & Twitter.