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Wearable Memories: Breast Milk Jewelry

Breast milk jewelry has been on my wish list for quite some time. I have always wanted to capture my breastfeeding journey and the miracle that is my breast milk in a way I could cherish well past my breastfeeding years. Having children and breastfeeding isn’t easy.

When I had my first daughter I had trouble breastfeeding her. She just wouldn’t stay latched. We went to Cranial Sacral therapy, saw different lactation consultant’s, Chiropractors, etc. Nothing seemed to work. So, I made the decision to pump, and ended up exclusively pumping for 10 months, with enough milk to last her till she turned 1 years old. I worked my butt off pumping, and it seemed like I did nothing else.

My upstairs freezer was full of nothing but breast milk, and so was the deep chest freezer I had purchased for the overflow. When I decided to stop pumping and start giving my daughter the stored milk I totally forgot to put some breast milk aside for a piece of breast milk jewelry. I spent some time a little sad and kicking myself.

When my second daughter was born I was determined to make sure I set aside some breast milk. (My second daughter took to breastfeeding like a champ!) Within the first month of giving birth to my second daughter I made sure to collect some breast milk so that I could finally purchase a piece of breast milk jewelry to commemorate the years of breastfeeding, pumping, tears, and pain that is my breastfeeding journey. My next step was to find a reputable business/individual who sold a breast milk jewelry piece I felt matched my breastfeeding journey, my style, and my budget.


What is Breast Milk Jewelry, and How is it Made?


Well breast milk jewelry is exactly how it sounds. It is jewelry made out of breast milk. Usually necklaces, rings, and earrings, but now you can also get bracelet charms and pendants as well. The way it is made depends on who you purchase it from. Every business/individual has their own formula, but usually your breast milk is mixed with different resin’s, chemicals or glue causing it to harden. This allows your breast milk to be manipulated into different shapes. The amount of breast milk needed to create breast milk jewelry also changes by the business/individual, but normally you won’t need to send more than 2 oz. The milk doesn’t need to be fresh, and you can even send milk that has gone bad.

The coolest thing, to me, about breast milk jewelry is no two pieces will ever be the same. Just like your breast milk is different from everyone else’s, because it’s made just for your baby’s needs, the look of your breast milk jewelry will look different from everyone else’s as well. The color of your jewelry depends on the color of the milk you provided. (Some businesses/individuals even give you the option to add sparkles to your breast milk jewelry, and even other keepsakes such as placenta and umbilical cords.)


My Criteria


When I started my quest to find the perfect breast milk jewelry piece for myself I had some boxes I wanted to check. 1. I wanted to purchase from a small business. 2. They needed to have a piece I was absolutely in love with and would wear every day. 3. The piece I loved needed to fit within my monetary budget. 4. I prefer them to be in the USA, but if my first three criteria were met I was OK if the business/individual selling the piece was not.


My Wish List


After scouring the internet, I found the below businesses/individuals and breast milk pieces that fit my 4 criteria and are on my purchase wish list.

I love this Honeycomb piece by Milk + Honey Breast Milk Jewelry . It fits all 4 of my above criteria, and you can add little bee charms to the necklace as well. I like the idea of getting a bee, or two, to represent my daughter’s. (Photo courtesy of Milk + Honey Breast Milk Jewelry)

Lait de la Vie makes this beautiful rose gold wire tear drop piece that fit all 4 of my criteria and reminds me of the tears I shed while trying to get my first daughter to latch, and then also at times    when I pumped for her. (Photo courtesy of Lait de la Vie)

This nest ring from Beyond the Willow Tree is the only breast milk jewelry ring that I liked and fit my criteria. The nest design reminds me of how my milk nurtured my daughters and helped them grow. While Beyond the Willow is an Australian business they do offer Lay Buy, which can be helpful. (Photo courtesy of Beyond the Willow Tree)


I have been adding money to my breast milk jewelry fund for a while now, and I am really close to having enough. Once I order and receive my piece I am pretty sure I am going to cry. I will still be slightly sad I do not have a piece that contains my first daughters milk, but I will be happy to have a piece to help carry all of my breast feeding/pumping memories. <3 (I will update this post in the comments with the piece I have made.)


The process to make breast milk jewelry can take some time. From shipping to creation of the piece it can take weeks to months to receive your breast milk jewelry. Once you find a business/individual who you would like to purchase from make sure to double check their wait times.


About the Author


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