MommyCon :: Surprise! Happy Baby Shower Kate

Surprise! Happy Baby Shower Kate

Kate K is our Program Manager of Sales as well as the Talent & Media Manager. She does so much around our office that we thought she deserved a day dedicated to her. We wanted to make it special by throwing her a surprise baby shower complete with gifts from some of the amazing brands we work with.

We set up the room the night before and used our office construction as an excuse to keep her out. She was led downstairs and stood there with jaw dropped saying “You guys, I’m going to cry.” Kate was so surprised and no one has ever thrown her a surprise party before.

Are you ready to see the amazing products she received? The first few gifts were an assortment of toys from Fat Brain Toys for her two older boys. This new child will be Kate’s third and Fat Brain Toys was kind enough to send a bunch of toys that her first two will love to play with while mom is busy with baby.


Next came some adorable plush toys by Pebble. These are handmade knit designs created by women in rural Bangladesh. Kate received a carrot and chicken for her little one to play with.



Kate received a blanket, ring sling and hooded towel from Baby Tula. Tula was created out of a couple’s love to travel and finding a convenient way to carry their new bundle of joy. When Kate opened up the rainbow Tula ring sling, she said “This is so pretty, and I love ring slings for newborns.”



JuJuBe sent a whole stash of items. Kate was thrilled to open up the Be Right Back Legacy to find even more items like the Be Set, Be Ready and more! When Xza was asked by JuJuBe which print to send, she decided to go with one Kate already had and loved to complete her Queen of the Nile set.



GroVia gave hybrid diapers, wipes and a Magic Stick. These Hybrid Diapers are great for caregivers who love to stay earth-friendly with cloth diapering but need the ease of fitting into every part of their lifestyles. The GroVia Magic Stick prevents and treats diaper rash using natural ingredients with no petroleum products.



Babyganics sent diapers for the shower. Kate opened the first gift of Babyganics Diapers and said “Ah diapers, very important. We’ll use lots of these.” Then throughout the present opening, she stumbled on even more diapers and chuckled as she said “You can never have to many diapers!”


Evenflo Feeding gave a breast pump, bottles, breastmilk storage bags and many more accessories. As Kate was opening up the bag of goodies, she pulled everything out and exclaimed “Oh my gosh, Evenflo really sent everything, that’s amazing!”



Ubbi sent a stainless steel diaper pail. These are not just any ordinary diaper pail, they cut down on odors using powder-coated steel, rubber seals and a sliding lid. Even though she absolutely loves the new rose gold design, she is very happy with her chrome because it will match everything in her home. Kate said she needed one of these because she didn’t save them from her previous children.



4moms gifted Kate a Mamaroo. This infant seat bounces up and down and sways from side to side, just like parents do when comforting their babies. It features five unique motions and five speed options for a total of 25 different combinations.



Diono sent a Radian RXT all-in-one convertible car seat. This seat can hold baby from birth to booster. Kate so was happy to receive this because she said, “This is the car seat I use for both of my kids.”



Joovy shipped a Qool and bench seat. Kate exclaimed, “Oh my gosh, a stroller. And it flips both ways…fancy!” She was even more excited when she opened up the second present and there was a second seat.



And for those winter months, 7 A.M. Enfant sent WarMMuffs which are hand warmers that attach to any bar or handle. So now Kate can keep her hands warm and baby safe on those December strolls.


We want to say thank you to all our amazing brands who have made Kate’s baby shower so special. Kate said “I’m not going to need to get anything for this baby!” So now everyone knows…this is what happens when someone has a baby at MommyCon.