10 Easy Toddler Crafts for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is coming up quicker than you think and it’s time to start getting read to buy gifts for loved ones. Along with buying gifts for loved ones, another gift idea that is straight from the heart are crafts from your toddler made specifically for that person! Finding easy crafts for kids to do at home are not always an easy task!


  1. Handprint Suncatcher – This craft is super easy to make. You need contact paper, scissors and different color tissue paper. Your toddler can put the tissue paper all over the contact paper and you can then trace their hand on it and cut it out. Holding them up to the sun or putting them on your window are a really great idea! Click here to see a tutorial.

  1. Mother’s Day Flower Pot– A few supplies are needed but the end result is priceless! Small terra cotta pots, printable letters or letter stickers will work, twine or string, dirt, and a small flower plant. Putting it together is simple and if you are using stickers, it makes it easy for your toddler to decorate the pot and letters. Click here if you wanted to turn your flower pot into an ice cream flower dessert!


  1. DIY Sugar Scrub Art– Sand art is such a fun activity for a toddler to do and easy to set up. The materials you will need are granulated sugar, food coloring, coconut oil, and a clear container to put the sand in. Mixing together the sugar, coconut oil, and a little bit of food coloring, gives you the perfect sugar scrub. Layering different colors together makes it an even better site to see. This will be a great, unique gift for Mother’s Day! Click here for more specific directions.



  1. Fingerprint Flower – Toddlers love paint and they love finger painting even more. Help them to make a flower out of their thumb and paint. Let them pick the colors and you can do as many as you want, maybe even making a bouquet! Ask your toddler what their favorite thing about their mommy or grandma is and write it on the bottom of the flower for them.



  1. Handprint Frame – Every mom needs a frame, especially one that has their baby’s handprints around it with a picture of them in it! What you will need: paint, paintbrushes, a frame, water, paper towels. For the frame, you must buy a 15×17 frame with an opening for a 5×7 picture. It is called a signature frame and can be purchased at Hobby Lobby. Take out the inside of the frame where the example picture is. That is where you are going to be putting the hand prints. Click here for specifics!



  1. Flower Picture Frame – This craft is super adorable and is really fun to make. Here are the materials that you will need: a salad spinner, circles of yellow card, yellow and gold paint, glitter, lollipop sticks, and green paper for the flowers. With the salad spinner, put the circles of the yellow card and the paint in there and have your toddler spin it around. It will come out with their own design for the flower. Cut the circles into flower shapes, get a picture and cut out your toddler’s face to put inside the flower’s circle. Have your toddler glue the pieces together and then write a cute quote on the pedal or ask your toddler to describe their mommy or grandma. Here’s the tutorial.



  1. Handprint and Footprint Flower Vase – For this toddler craft you will need blue paint and any other color paint. Then green, white and yellow paper, plus one random color (maybe pink). 3 green straws, glue and tape. Craft paper, baby wipes and paint brushes. Start with taking handprints and footprints in all different colors. Then once they dry, you will use one foot as a vase, then the two hand prints and the other foot as the flowers and then green straws as the stems. Once you have them assembled, your toddler can help you glue them down onto the color paper of their choice. Here is a step by step.



  1. I Wished for You Canvas – This is a great Mother’s Day gift for a mom or even a grandma. It is easy to make with a toddler, and very minimal materials that you will need! Materials you will need are canvas board, acrylic paints, black sharpies and a paintbrush. You can use any colors that you want and use your toddler’s fingerprints to make the pedals for the flower. Here are more colors.


  1. Fingerprint Butterfly Mug Painting- Anything that moms or grandmas can use or put on their desks at work are always a great gift to give for Mother’s Day. The materials you will need are a white mug, acrylic paint, and paintbrushes. Using different color paint you can put your toddlers fingers in the colors and use the thumb to create the middle of the butterfly and then pointer fingers to create the wings. Draw on the antlers with a paintbrush and continue all over the mug. Want to see how? Click here for more details.


  1. Handprint Flower Tote Bag – This adorable bag can be easily made and there are little materials needed. You will need a white canvas tote bag, a few different color paints and a paintbrush. Have your toddler pick the different colors they want to make the flowers and then have them paint on the green stems and leaves with your help! Don’t forget to let it dry!



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