MommyCon :: MommyCon Charlotte 2018

MommyCon Charlotte 2018

That’s a wrap on MommyCon Charlotte 2018! We opened up registration bright and early at 8:30 am and the exhibitor hall at 9 am. We had crowds of people waiting to get their badges and head down to check out all the vendors.

We had some moms take advantage of our feeding lounge while others stopped and pulled a nipple out for baby in the hallway or waiting in line for registration. Justine Mitchell is on her third daughter and has breastfed them all. She said “I usually feeds anywhere, there’s no shame here.”


Once we opened up the exhibitor hall, we had a mad dash to check out all the awesome vendors we had on display. We had wbtv’s Molly Grantham signing books and meeting with attendees. From Northwestern Mutual to Smart Bottoms we had something for all parenting needs. Vince Tortora spoke about how his wife follows the venders online and she loves seeing “the exclusive prints at each MommyCon.”

Throughout the convention we had our Event Elements for family’s to take advantage of. A lot of kids ended up playing at Huggies Baby and Music area. Kids and caregivers could jam out, especially during the Romp n’ Roll bubble party. Parents really loved the snack station. They were able to learn about products by trying them first hand.



Everywhere you turned you saw a smiling baby. Attendees really loved the play areas in the back of the session rooms because it gave the kids something to do during the talks. Melissa Powell said “My 4 year old had a blast and I was able to (mostly) listen!”


While the children played, the parents learned. The sessions were a huge hit among our attendees. Cassidy Sullivan was very appreciated of Loss Mama Sanctuary. She said “Pregnancy loss is so little talked about and Ambyr Amen-Ra did an awesome job affirming our experiences while authentically presenting her own.” Car Seat 101 by Britax was packed. Taylor Warren thought it was amazing and highly praised the new essentials line. The last ezpz session of the day was for mealtime solutions for special needs and attendee Marilyn Benjamin thought it was really helpful. “She was very knowledgeable and talked about things I wouldn’t have thought about.”


So much to do, so much too see that everyone was exhausted by the time 4 pm rolled around. We just hope you can muster up the strength to meet us in Philadelphia on July 28th!